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Together, We Can Make a Difference

Mactac is the first BioPreferred pressure-sensitive adhesive manufacturer recognized by the USDA. 

Mactac’s Sustainability Mission Statement:

Our sourcing team focuses on sourcing material from companies that also share our passion for the environment. We make every effort to source our paper from companies that procure materials from sustainably managed forests.

Our manufacturing facilities focus daily on waste reduction. Coated product waste is either recycled or sent to waste-to-energy plants, and our effort is to minimize the amount and impact of the waste material as we continue our focus for sustainability.

Our research and development teams are pursuing technology that will aid in the recycling process. Our focus is to continue to look for ways for all end-use products to be able to be recycled.

Our company is focused on diversity and equal rights for all employees. Our goal is to have an accepting work environment that is both good for employees as well as our environment. Mactac continues to drive community events and fundraisers that support the community.

Mactac Sustainable Products

We are constantly refining our core products and creating new ones to reduce waste and promote recyclability for the entire supply chain. Learn more about these core products with sustainable attributes built-in:

Adhesive Solutions for 

Automotive | Appliance | Building & Construction | Fabrication & Assembly | Medical | Packaging | Sign & Display

BioPreferred™ Products Applications

Foam Bonding



Insulation Bonding


Fixture & Dispenser Mounting

Acoustic & Decorative Panels

Interior Signage & Displays

Mirror Mounting

Building & Construction

Appliance / White Goods

Industrial & Fabrication

Interior Signage & Displays

Transportation & Recreational Vehicles

Mactac is the first BioPreferred pressure-sensitive adhesive manufacturer recognized by the USDA. Our adhesives use renewable resources and bio-based materials in place of petroleum-based material. Learn more.

Low - VOC Acrylic



Automotive Interiors

Circuit Boards


Insulation & Fabric Bonding

Archiving & Photo Mounting


Foam Bonding

Carpet Fixation

Automotive Interior NVH

Graphic Attachment

Nameplates/dome labels

Membrane switches


Automotive Interior Bonding

RV & Heavy Machinery Interiors


Gaskets & Seals
100% Solids Solvent-Free Acrylic Products Applications

Foam Bonding Applications

Insulation & Sound Damping

Flooring Installation

Safety Helmets

Furniture Assembly


How is Mactac Helping?

  • Mactac recognized the need to move away from solvent-based adhesive manufacturing and coating processes. These processes consume considerable raw materials from petroleum products to natural gas.
  • Mactac developed a 100% solids adhesive tape manufacturing process, utilizing proprietary technology to move completely away from the resource-intensive solvent-coating process.
  • No-VOC UV Cured Acrylic Adhesives meet Japan Industry Standards for interior spaces. These adhesives have no outgassing, no residual solvents or monomers and no substances of concern.
  • BioPreferred™ Status achieved for several Mactac adhesives. Mactac's BioPreferred adhesives have been independently tested by a third-party laboratory in accordance with ASTM D6866. BioPreferred products meet the USDA's biobased content minimum of 24%.


Giving Back to Our Communities


Giving Back to Our Communities

Our Columbus and Scranton, Pennsylvania, locations recycle all stretch wrap, corrugate, aluminum, steel, plastic, batteries, electronic waste, bulbs, capacitors, pallets and drums. Scrap rolls are then sold to the material reseller for further recycling and repurposing. We are always working on waste reduction in our production process while focusing on 100% solids adhesive technologies. Programs, such as our Precise Program, have been put in place to eliminate off-cuts going to waste.


Within the Stow, Ohio, community, employees collaborate with local organizations such as Bulldog Bags, Inc., to provide children with food for the weekend. The Adopt-a-Spot organization has dedicated areas throughout Stow that are maintained by volunteers in locations such as local parks and community areas.