Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Business vehicles have the opportunity to stand out on the street, delivering your brand and pitching deals or services while out on the job. As painting a fleet of vehicles is expensive, many companies miss out on this opportunity, but by implementing commercial vehicle wraps, you can save on the bottom line while having business vehicles that represent your company.

The A in Mactac stands for adhesives, and we are a leading manufacturer of vinyl films designed specifically for vehicle applications. We use cutting-edge research to develop our vinyl films, ensuring our wraps meet your needs. In addition to providing high-quality vinyl wraps, we also produce repositionable wraps that are designed with the same level of expertise and cutting-edge research as our traditional vinyl films. These wraps allow for easy repositioning during the application process, ensuring a seamless and professional look.

Vinyl commercial vehicle wrap is a cost-effective solution that provides both customization and an added layer of protection for your company's cars.

Why a Company Should Use a Vinyl Wrap for Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle wrapping comes with several major advantages for both the business itself and the vehicle:

More Cost-Effective Than Painting

Car wraps are much less costly than repainting or custom painting a fleet of company vehicles, but that point aside it's also advertising real estate. When putting up ads and signage to let the public know about your services, you have to pay for that space, and the better the location the more costly it is. By wrapping your commercial vehicles, you don't need to rent space to display your ads or signage. Plus, your commercial vehicles drive around, ensuring many people catch at least a glimpse of your company which improves the return on investment significantly.

Well-Received Marketing

One complaint many people have about advertising is how quickly it interferes with their day-to-day, from commercials to internet ads and signs ruining the landscape. By implementing vehicle wraps on your company cars, you don't annoy the people viewing it because it's no different than the other cars they see except for having a message on the side. There is a big difference in response between a casual first impression and forcing someone to sit through a commercial.

Spreads Awareness

People can't shop from you if they don't know you exist and having your image in front of people is a well-tested approach to spreading awareness. Vehicles drive around all day and when parked become like temporary billboards, ensuring everyone sees it no matter where they are and can spread awareness over greater areas. When a commercial vehicle is wrapped in your company's graphics, signage, and representing your brand it's like community outreach, which when combined without marketing channels becomes extremely powerful.

Protects the Vehicle

Vinyl wraps provide an additional layer of protection from both the elements and the UV rays that help paint fade. Repainting cars is expensive, even more so with a fleet, and you can't repaint only in certain areas due to the fading from sun exposure. Any new paint would stand out enormously, but with vinyl film, you just have to apply some patchwork or switch out that panel.

Flexible Designs

Vinyl film can be replaced whenever a change is needed or wanted, or if a part of it becomes damaged. Vinyl film is installed in panels, not one big wrap, and with that, you can change only the damaged panel or replace the panel you want to give a new design depending on environmental factors. This is a powerful and cost-effective option to have when the brand needs adjustment or a new service or product needs promoting.

Commercial Vehicle Wraps FAQ

  • How long do commercial vehicle wraps last?

    • The average lifespan of vinyl wraps is 3 to 5 years, though improper installation can shorten this. 

  • Does wrapping a vehicle ruin the paint?

    • Not at all, commercial vehicle wraps are created to be safely applied to any type of car paint. 

  • Does wrapping a vehicle increase insurance?

    • Many insurers are flexible with vehicle wrapping as it's considered a temporary change due to it being easily removed if needed. 

  • Is vinyl wrap better than paint?

    • Vinyl wraps are considered more durable than paint and can last longer than a paint job.

  • What vehicles are best for commercial vehicle wraps?

    • Company vehicles such as trucks, vans, SUVs, semis, and trailers are the best for wraps as they provide enough space to show company logos and provide information. 


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