Mactac's Rivet Tapes offer a Helping Hand

Mactac North America 11/15/2022

Mactac’s GS Series Tapes feature high-performance elastomers, which offer the highest levels of peel adhesion while maintaining exceptional cohesive strength. GS Series Tapes are available in thicknesses of 5 to 50 mils and widths ranging from .5 to 11.5 inches to meet a wide range of application needs.

In The Know: Medical Diagnostic Requirements

Mactac North America 9/1/2022

One of the first questions medical diagnostic adhesives experts ask is: “What regulatory requirements are associated with diagnostic adhesives?”

Medical Diagnostic Adhesives: A World of Potential


Learn more about medical diagnostic adhesives and their requirements. Diagnostic devices that require adhesives vary in size, funcitonality, and complexity - and nearly all utilize adhesives in some manner. Mactac is here to help!

MacBond IB5121-71 Dual Performance Tape


If you haven’t tried Macbond® IB5121-72 double-coated tape you’re missing out.

MacBond LSE427 is a special kind of adhesive!


It’s no secret that low-surface energy materials are hard to stick to. It takes a special kind of adhesive to get the job done — and that adhesive is Macbond® LSE427 by Mactac.