Macbond® Rivet Tapes replace mechanical fasteners

Looking for a quick and permanent bonding solution? Macbond® Rivet Tapes designed to create a near-immediate bond­ — especially on irregular and hard-to-bond surfaces­ — these tapes hold materials fast and fix them firmly. 

MacBond Arctic Cold Temperature Tapes are Cold and Bold

Cold and bold. That’s what customers think about Macbond® Arctic Cold Temperature Tapes.

Don't Miss Mactac's Foam Bonding Guide

If you’re a fabricator or converter and you don’t have the Mactac Foam Bonding Guide, you’re missing out!

Look no further than Macbond® HSA440 Acrylic Tapes

Need an industrial tape for a wide range of applications? Look no further than Macbond® HSA440 Acrylic Tapes. Highly versatile and designed for use on everything!

Reduce Sound With Pressure Sensitive Tapes

The materials used are many, depending on the industry requirements, temperature and environment, and type of sound or vibration you are trying to minimize or reduce.