PSA Solutions for Safe Battery Transportation: Navigating Regulations in the EV Era

Mactac North America 2/9/2024
When dealing with the transportation of damaged batteries or batteries heading for recycling, it is critical that the terminals of each cell or pack do not come into contact with each other. The Mactac line of insulating tapes provides the necessary dielectric protection to prevent electrical shorts, arcing and/or stray currents that can lead to fires.

Tapes Speed up Interior Mounting Applications

Mactac North America 2/6/2024

Tapes can provide an instant bond, eliminating the mess and wait time of using liquid adhesives while providing uniform performance and consistency. Adhesive options are available to provide for either removable or permanent applications across a broad variety of flat or irregular surfaces.

Mactac's Rivet Tapes offer a Helping Hand

Mactac North America 11/15/2022

Mactac’s GS Series Tapes feature high-performance elastomers, which offer the highest levels of peel adhesion while maintaining exceptional cohesive strength. GS Series Tapes are available in thicknesses of 5 to 50 mils and widths ranging from .5 to 11.5 inches to meet a wide range of application needs.

In The Know: Medical Diagnostic Requirements

Mactac North America 9/1/2022

One of the first questions medical diagnostic adhesives experts ask is: “What regulatory requirements are associated with diagnostic adhesives?”

Medical Diagnostic Adhesives: A World of Potential


Learn more about medical diagnostic adhesives and their requirements. Diagnostic devices that require adhesives vary in size, funcitonality, and complexity - and nearly all utilize adhesives in some manner. Mactac is here to help!