Reduce Sound and Vibration With Pressure Sensitive Tapes

The materials used are many, depending on the industry requirements, temperature and environment, and type of sound or vibration you are trying to minimize or reduce.

Adhesive Tapes Make Your Assembly Process Faster and Your Product Lighter

In today’s competitive landscape, builders and manufactures need to consider how they will, in the case of building and construction, make their process faster and in the case of automotive assembly, make their product lighter.

Mactac’s MacBond FBR899 Adhesive: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Mactac’s MacBond FBR899 adhesive is one of the most versatile adhesives we’ve developed to date. Coined our ‘go-to’ adhesive for surfaces that are difficult to adhere to, FBR899 is great to have on your floor.

Extending the Building Season with MacBond Arctic

A shortened working calendar year, or season, means less projects, less revenue and less income for so many workers.  For some time now there has been a desire by contractors and construction companies to keep working through the winter months and extend the season as long as possible. 

Low Surface Energy and Environmentally Friendly Adhesive Tapes for Automotive Interiors

Adhesives have long been a mainstay in automotive assembly and have played a significant role in the laminating and assembling of automotive interiors for both aesthetic and performance reasons.