Vinyl Car Wraps

Vinyl car wraps provide a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns that make it a perfect application for cars needing branding or a custom look. The A in Mactac stands for adhesives and that's why we use cutting-edge research to develop vinyl films designed with car applications in mind. As a leading manufacturer of vinyl films, Mactac vinyl wrap is created specifically for car wrapping that is both affordable and premium quality.

Ways to Use Vinyl Car Wraps

Vinyl wraps for cars are highly customizable and flexible, making it a perfect option for businesses of all shapes and sizes that want to spread brand awareness, advertise, and have a uniform appearance on their fleet. Vinyl film can be effectively applied to any make and model regardless of the dimensions, making it a perfect solution for any size company or type of car that needs wrapping.

Some of the most popular applications include:

  • Full Wrap: just as it sounds, your car is fully wrapped in vinyl film for an appearance that stretches the entirety of the car's painted areas.
  • Partial Wrap: if you're not much for covering the entire look of the car and want some signage on certain areas then partial wrapping is the way to go. You can wrap the hood, front bumper, or roof and still have the customizable feel at less of a cost. 
  • Grille Wrapping: some customers may think that the grille can't be wrapped with vinyl, but they'd be mistaken. Though it's one of the smaller areas of a vehicle, it can make one of the biggest impressions.
  • Rim Wrapping: with the right design, vinyl wrapping your rims can be quite the eye-catcher and that's certainly the goal of advertising, and spreading brand awareness. Even for the people who've invested in some special rims, vinyl wrapping can help protect them. 

Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping: Choosing Car Wrapping Over Paint

Beyond the customization and branding power vinyl wraps pack, there are numerous other advantages to offering vinyl wrapping for cars:

  • Improving the visual appearance of your car or fleet of company vehicles
  • Can wrap any vehicle size
  • An additional protective layer helps protect the painted surfaces
  • Helps prevent road debris and UV rays from harming the paint
  • Easy replacement of a single vinyl panel instead of repainting the entire care
  • No mismatching body panels as vinyl doesn't fade over time
  • Vinyl wraps provide an instant new look
  • Custom vinyl wraps are much more cost-effective than a custom paint job

Vinyl Wrap FAQ

  • How long do vinyl wraps last on cars?

    • The average lifespan of car wraps is up to 5 years depending on the environment, though improper installation can shorten this. 
  • How are vinyl wraps applied to cars?

    • Professional wrap installers use a squeegee-like tool to adhere the vinyl film to the paint and to make sure no bubbles or creases form. A heat gun is also used to create a permanent bond.
  • Is vinyl wrap better than paint?

    • Vinyl car wraps are considered more durable than paint and can last longer than a paint job.
  • Does wrapping a car ruin the paint?

    • Not at all, vinyl car wrap is created to be safely applied to any type of paint. 
  • Does vinyl wrap devalue a car?

    • Car wrapping can increase the car's value considerably more than if the car has been repainted as the wrapper can be removed without damaging the vehicle. 
  • Does vinyl car wrap increase insurance?

    • Many insurers are flexible with car wrapping as it's considered a temporary change due to it being easily removed if needed. 

Explore our selection of high-quality vinyl car wraps and repositionable wraps and see how they define our belief in providing the right product for the right application.