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Vinyl Boat Wraps

Vinyl boat wraps provide the opportunity for further customization while adding an extra layer of protection for your boat. Boat wrapping is a cost-effective solution for both individual boat owners and companies wanting to expand brand awareness or increase uniformity among their boats.

The A in Mactac stands for adhesives, and we are a leading manufacturer of vinyl films designed specifically for boat applications above the waterline. We use cutting-edge research to develop our vinyl films, ensuring our boat wraps meet your needs. In addition to providing high-quality vinyl wraps, we also produce repositionable wraps that are designed with the same level of expertise and cutting-edge research as our traditional vinyl films. These wraps allow for easy repositioning during the application process, ensuring a seamless and professional look.


What is a Vinyl Boat Wrap?

A vinyl boat wrap consists of vinyl sheets that adhere to the surface of your boat, they come in a variety of colors, textures, and graphics that can customize your boat or enhance different sections of it for the specific look desired. Boat wraps aren't dissimilar from decals, with the vinyl film having an adhesive back that can deliver a new appearance either long-term or in the short turn. 


The vinyl wrap itself is a pressure-sensitive thin sheet with an adhesive back and is applied to your boat above the waterline by professional installers. Using our extensive research into adhesives and vinyl film, our cast is top-of-the-line and developed in our state-of-the-art facility in South Carolina. 


Types of Boat Wraps

Both marine professionals and personal boat owners stand to benefit immensely from applying vinyl wrap to their boats. Before outlining the advantages of boat wraps, let's first detail the three primary methods used for wrapping a boat:

  • Full wrap: just as it sounds, this method of wrapping covers the entire hull and acts like marine paint would. 

  • Partial wrap: instead of covering the whole boat you can add a few accents or partially wrap the boat so there are a couple of eye-catching graphics on the side of the vessel.

  • Interior: many boat owners don't consider the interior for a vinyl wrap, but it's popular with fishing rigs as it's easy to clean and gives the interior some eye-pleasing sights.


Advantages of Using Boat Vinyl Wraps

Wrapping your boat in vinyl film provides a lot of benefits for both individuals who want a unique look and businesses who want to advertise and increase their brand awareness:


Increases Resale Values

Vinyl wrap helps keep your boat in excellent condition because it is scratch resistant and helps protect it from UV light damage. During the resale process, you can strip the boat of its vinyl and it will look new. On the other hand, a custom design or unique color scheme can be a selling point, having the potential buyer purchase the boat with the vinyl wrap intact. 


Customization Opportunities

Vinyl boat wrap is highly customizable and that allows for all sorts of opportunities, whether a fresh look for a speed boat race or a special event on a yacht, even advertising on a fishing boat. No matter the type of boat you want to wrap, you can customize it to match your brand or personal tastes with a range of colors, graphics, textures or enhanced images, and signage.



Marine paint jobs can be expensive, especially when compared to the more cost-effective vinyl wrap. Professional detailing can cost upwards of several thousand dollars, this is prohibitive especially if your company has several boats. By using a vinyl wrap, you save the high upfront costs of painting your boat while benefiting from the protection vinyl wrap provides. 



Vinyl wrap has high durability, surpassing that of your boat's paint job. When your boat's paint gets scratched and nicked, you risk a mismatch of color due to the UV rays fading the boat over time. Any new paint would stand out enormously, but with vinyl film, you just have to apply some patchwork before hitting the water again. Vinyl film also helps protect your boat from the sun's UV rays, an additional benefit when the boat is always sitting in the sun. 


Easy to Repair & Replace

Piggybacking off of the last benefit, vinyl film can be replaced whenever a change is needed or wanted, or if a part of it becomes damaged. With your boat's paint, any change or damage would mean a very expensive repaint. Vinyl film is installed in panels, not one big wrap, and with that, you can change only the damaged panel or replace the panel you want to give a new design. A much more cost-effective solution.


Boat Vinyl Wrap FAQ 

  1. Will vinyl wrap stay on a boat?

  2. Vinyl boat wrap's adhesive is made with boats in mind so it is meant to stick. 

  3. Do vinyl wraps fall off?

    • With an appropriate adhesive, one created to stick to a truck, the vinyl wrap can last between 5 and 7 years. 

  4. Does vinyl wrap cause rust?

    • Not at all, in fact, vinyl wrap helps prevent rust from developing. The vinyl wrap helps prevent rust because the panels of the RV won't be in direct contact with water or the sun. 

  5. Can you wrap your boat below the waterline?

    • Boat wraps aren't made to be applied below the waterline

  6. How long does vinyl boat wrap last?

    • Most vinyl wraps last between three to five years before needing replacing and depending on environmental factors.


Explore our selection of vinyl boat wraps and discover why your boat should be wrapped in vinyl film.