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With a spirit of innovation that dates back to our inception, Mactac is a leading supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesives. 

Mactac® — Solutions That Stick™

For more than 60 years, Mactac has been a leader in the pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) industry. With a spirit of innovation that dates back to our inception, we are a full adhesive provider equipped with acrylic and rubber adhesive chemistries and all adhesive technologies, including hot melt, solvent, emulsion, and UV. We are a vertically integrated organization comprised of six divisions — each specially designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our innovative pressure-sensitive adhesive materials are used in a wide range of markets, including label printing, graphic design, packaging, retail display, fleet graphics, automotive, medical device assembly, and more. Our technology and service are world-class. Our organization is built on honesty, integrity, and reliability. We are experts in our field. And we do whatever it takes to help you find the best solution for your pressure-sensitive needs. It’s easy to do business with Mactac.

Global Resources. Local Service.
With the support of our parent company, LINTEC, we aim to deliver unmatched technology, capability, service, and value to our customers. Through strategic market growth and operational expansion, the newest additions to the Mactac family include Duramark Products (formally Ritrama USA), CSI SoCal Distribution Center, Spinnaker Coating, and Label Supply. Our integrated North American manufacturing and distribution footprint is 40% larger than it was just a few years ago. Our state-of-the-art assets allow us to provide enhanced opportunities in film at our world-class automated facility in Spartanburg, specialty labeling and custom product development at our Minneapolis facility, and overall manufacturing consistency, efficiency, and capacity redundancy. Now, more than ever, we have the technologies, tools, and resources to help you solve your problems and grow your business — yet we remain true to our core values and our commitment to provide you with above and beyond-personalized service and support. We will always be the Mactac you know, trust, and count on.

Roll Label Products

Our core business is our Roll Label business. It’s where our roots were first planted, and it’s the largest of all Mactac divisions. Since our inception, we’ve specialized in the manufacture of PSA-coated papers and films in roll-to-roll form. Our products feature various weights and thicknesses, textures, colors, opacity levels, and conformability/rigidity ranges. They are used in endless industries and applications, including durable goods labeling, product identification, barcoding and instruction labeling, security and safety labeling, health and beauty products, food and beverage labeling, and more. We partner with label converters and printers, and we supply products for some of the biggest brands in the world.

A Model Unlike Any Other

Our business is built on consistency and reliability. We are driven by industry-leading service and backed by innovative technology, technical expertise, and tenured experience. We are thought leaders in our industry, and we resonate with our customers.

Tried and True

On one hand, our ability to produce high volumes of consistent, quality core products ensure you — and your customers — have what you need when you need it. Our paper-on-paper hot-melt solutions are among the most trusted and reputable in the industry. And with the addition of our latest state-of-the-art assets, we have become one of the highest-volume film label producers in North America. When it comes to our core product offering, our customer promise is this: we will be operationally efficient, our service will be excellent, and we will make working with us easy and seamless.

Custom Specialty with a Personal Touch

On the other hand, we understand that not every job is one-size-fits-all, and our specialty products and service model are unmatched. Highly unique jobs require highly specialized, high-touch service. We do that too — and we do it better than anyone else. Our team acts as an extension of your organization, carefully and thoughtfully guiding you to the best solution for your unique need. We bring in all of our key players — experts with decades of experience in this business — and we listen closely, make recommendations and serve as an incredible resource. We are proficient and responsive, and we dig deep into every specialty application challenge, offering education, expertise, and support until we determine the best solution. From the time a project begins to well after it ends, we will service you above and beyond your expectations.

Engineered Tapes & Laminate Products

For six decades, the Mactac Engineered Tapes and Laminates business has provided specially engineered, high-quality adhesive tape solutions for bonding, mounting and fastening applications. Successfully bonding foams, plastics, metal parts, and more, our materials science experts pre-screen every substrate to make adhesive selection easy for our customers. Mactac products are constructed for high-performance long-term applications, reliable, low-cost, short-term applications, and everything in between. They feature attributes such as high strength, excellent tack, and peel, superior shear performance, near-immediate adhesion, ease of product handling and die-cutting, and chemical and UV resistance. They are also cleaner and greener than other PSAs on the market, featuring state-of-the-art 100% solids adhesive technology. And they are formulated in-house, including rubber, UV acrylic, solvent, and aqueous adhesives.

Custom Solution. Ultimate Service.

Equipped with state-of-the-art coating technology and service expertise that totals more than 150 years of experience in PSAs, our Engineered Tapes and Laminates business is truly solutions-oriented. While some applications may be similar, no two projects are ever the same. And to each one, we bring a cross-functional team of technical, sourcing and supply chain, internal and external sales, engineering, and R&D experts. We are application and formulation specialists. Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in materials science, adhesives, laminating, converting, and quality control — and our service excellence is second to none. We are attentive and responsive. You can meet with our adhesive formulators, chat with our three-level technical support team, bring the end-user into the conversation, and more. Tell us what you need to do and what materials you are trying to stick together, and we’ll work side-by-side with you, anticipating your needs and servicing you in true partner fashion. We are creative problem solvers. We think outside of the box. We look at each application from a non-traditional viewpoint. We focus on every intricate detail of every unique application. We will get you the right product for the right application. We are your trusted adhesive consultants. With Mactac, you can expect a quality, tailored solution with ultimate service.

Graphics Signage & Solutions Products

For years, Mactac has been a leader in PSA materials development for digital printing, mounting, laminating, screen printing, and cut vinyl. Our graphics business is built on innovation. In the 1970s, we pioneered the overlaminate and mounting films industry, inventing the cold-mounting technology that sparked large-format image protection development. Today, our innovative products are used to transform windows, walls, floors, and vehicles. Created with superior quality and lasting durability, they are ideal for indoor and outdoor signage, fleet and vehicle wraps, tradeshow displays, retail signage, environmental graphics, and more. We have a solution for any graphics application challenge. Whether you’re a big commercial printer, small mom-and-pop print shop, distributor, exhibit house, photo lab, or installer, we will be your valued partner. We care about you and your success, and we want to help you grow your business.

Merchant Sheets Products

In 2022, we welcomed Spinnaker to the Mactac family. Together, our product offerings, capabilities, and service platform are best-in-class. From large sheets and high quantities to custom sheets and small orders, we can meet any need. Spinnaker/Mactac is a household name in the pressure-sensitive sheets business. In 1982, our pressure-sensitive sheet stock was the first of its kind — allowing printers to run PSA sheets through print technology as quickly and cleanly as fine paper. Today, our industry-leading paper and film stocks are designed for digital and offset printing and deliver a multitude of benefits to both printers and converters. Products demonstrate outstanding lay-flat characteristics, superior stability and printability, exceptional internal strength, non-oozy adhesives, ease of cutting, and more. With permanent and removable options, they are used in applications such as promotional media, point-of-purchase displays, package/product identification, and variable information printing on address, routing and shipping labels. Premium and value product lines, as well as private label offerings, are available to sheet-fed commercial printers through a comprehensive network of fine paper merchants. Our goal is to support merchants with a wide range of label products that will meet their needs and those of their customers.

Medical & Diagnostic Adhesive Products

Mactac has been a trusted source of medical-grade PSA systems for nearly 30 years. Our medical and diagnostic tapes are engineered for a wide variety of healthcare applications, including medical device assembly, diagnostic devices, TENS electrodes, continuous monitoring devices, wound care, surgical drapes, and more. Each Mactac solution features a precise combination of adhesive, facestock, and release liner that is specially designed for every customer’s specific needs. You won’t find off-the-shelf, me-too solutions here. Our cross-functional team of technical, sourcing and supply chain, internal and external sales, engineering, and R&D experts has extensive knowledge and expertise in materials science, adhesives, laminating, converting and quality control. And you have access to all of us, including our adhesive formulators. We are application specialists and formulation specialists. And our service excellence is second to none. We are attentive and responsive. We think outside of the box. And we focus on every intricate detail of every unique application to get you the right product for the right application. At Mactac, we work side-by-side with you, anticipating your needs and servicing you in a true partner fashion.

We, LINTEC, offer a wide variety of products including seals, labels, outdoor signs, interior materials, and other products in the fields of semiconductors and LCDs with our unique adhesive technology.

Spinnaker® was founded in 1928, Spinnaker is a customer-focused company that develops, manufactures, and markets adhesive-coated paper and film constructions for conversion by printers and industrial users into marketing, identifying, promoting, labeling, and decorating applications.

Label Supply has been servicing the Canadian roll label market for over 30 years. Label Supply is a roll label distributor with 11 finishing assets and a comprehensive transportation and shipping fleet. Operations include a robust in-house laboratory, technical resource group, and ink partner.

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