Installing Window Media: Wet or Dry?


Graphic installers who are in the business of applying window graphics have two key objectives in mind for every job they do: 1) minimize the time and effort it takes to get the job done, and 2) leave an image behind that looks amazing for their client.

What’s Behind the Boom in Building Wraps

Gone are the days when textured wall surfaces like brick, block and stucco were overlooked as potential design or advertising space. In recent years, plain white block walls and other textured walls have become unique canvases for displaying school spirit, visually capturing the hearts of a hospital’s patients and visitors or supporting a company’s brand messaging in restaurants, sport complexes, museums, parking garages and beyond.

Ensuring Color Match for Vehicle Wraps

Color matching is especially essential for vehicle wraps. The intended audience for these graphic investments is keen to know when a brand color is off, which can create a distraction from the key messaging being shared.

University of Chicago Traveling Art Exhibition

Install window graphics to a large glass-dome ceiling, allowing sunlight to pass through and offering softened back-lit illumination.

Larger Than Life Sports Center Wall Graphics

Print and install a massive, statement-making wall graphic on a 26-foot by 75-foot interior entrance wall at a state-of-the-art indoor sports complex.