Mactac's Graphic Wall Product Spotlight

Use wall graphics as an aid in keeping a dedicated interior wall space within a large international airport clean and protected.

Solution: Mactac REBEL® H and PermaGard® SHIELD

Mactac's Graphic Wall Product Spotlight

Update exterior building wall graphics with new, larger graphics that better represent an equipment and supply company’s latest brand messaging.

Solution: Mactac IMAGin® RoughRAP™ and PERMACOLOR® RAYZor™

Mactac's Graphic Window Product Spotlight

Create a ‘larger than life’ celebratory display using window graphics that span 20 windows, each 65-by-75 inches in size and covering 677 total square-feet.

Solution: IMAGin® WindowVIEW® (WV139)

Mactac's Spirits Bottle Product Spotlight

Develop a spirits bottle label that ensures a competitive advantage and offers a unique, high-quality solution for enhancing bartenders’ grip.    

Solution: Mactac StreetTRAX® STX1528P

Mactac's Window Graphics Product Spotlight

Use window graphics to incorporate unique aesthetic appeal on 50-feet of windows within a well-known marketing service providers’ new building space.

Solution: Mactac IMAGin® B-free® Frosted Window Films (JX5796MBF v2)