Calendered Vinyl

With the different types of vinyl film available, it's safe to assume that not every kind is appropriate for every application. Besides considering which is best for what use, comparing the prices is another top concern for many businesses. A popular type of vinyl is calendered vinyl, a cost-effective choice for short-term applications and to wrap simple shapes that don't require stretching to fit.

What is Calendered Vinyl?

Calendered vinyl begins as a PVC plastic and is manufactured via calendering, which involves passing the vinyl material through heated rollers (called calenders) to apply pressure and smooth the material into a thin and uniform sheet. During the process, the vinyl sheet is heated and compressed into the desired thickness and surface texture, allowing for a smooth, glossy, or matte finish on one side of the sheet and a slightly textured or matte on the other. 
When the calendered film is at its final dimensions, it'll be cooled down and moved to the last stage of the process. The quality of calendered vinyl ranges from economy to high-performance depending on which plasticizer is used: a monomeric or polymeric plasticizer with the latter making it a high-grade. 

Calendered Vinyl Applications

Calendered vinyl is an excellent choice for applications that don't require the film to stretch or conform around complex curves and contours. While this may seem like a drawback, consider applications that need a film that doesn't stretch out of shape and has a greater thickness:

  • Signage: Widely used in the sign-making industry for creating outdoor and indoor signs, banners, and decals. It is an affordable option for short-term signage and is available in a variety of colors and finishes.
  • Vehicle Graphics: Frequently used for creating vehicle graphics, such as lettering, logos, and designs. It is commonly applied to cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles. However, it is important to note that calendered vinyl is not recommended for long-term vehicle wraps that require conformability around complex curves and contours.
  • Window Graphics: Due to its adhesive properties and ease of application, calendered vinyl is often used for window graphics, including storefront displays, promotional window decals, and decorative window films. It can be applied to glass surfaces both indoors and outdoors.
  • Trade Show Displays: Commonly used for trade show exhibits, booth displays, and pop-up banners. It can be printed with vibrant graphics and is an economical choice for temporary marketing materials.
  • Labels and Stickers: A great option for creating labels, product stickers, and packaging decals. Its adhesive backing allows for easy application on various surfaces, including packaging materials, containers, and promotional items

Benefits of Calendered Vinyl

Calendered vinyl offers several advantages that make it a top solution for specific advantages, including:

  • Affordability: more cost-effective compared to other types of vinyl films, such as cast vinyl. It offers a lower price point, making it a suitable option for projects with budget constraints or short-term applications.
  • Wide Color Range: available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures. This variety allows for greater design flexibility and creativity in signage.
  • Easy Application: easier to handle and apply compared to more specialized vinyl films. It has good dimensional stability and can be easily cut, weeded, and transferred onto various surfaces.
  • Durability: while not as durable as cast vinyl, calendered vinyl still offers a certain level of durability. It can withstand exposure to UV radiation, temperature changes, and general environmental conditions for a moderate period of time. This makes it suitable for short to medium-term applications, such as temporary signage or promotional graphics.
  • Printability: can be easily printed with vibrant colors and high-resolution graphics. This makes it suitable for custom designs, branding elements, and promotional materials.

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