Logistics and Fuel Charge

Mactac is now charging a Logistics & Fuel Charge that is comprised of a base logistics charge of $.0025/msi plus the current Fuel Surcharge from the table below. 

Mactac’s Fuel Surcharge is indexed to the monthly National Average Price for Diesel Fuel reported by the Department of Energy, found here. Please see Diesel (On-Highway) - All Types.

The U.S average monthly price will be applied to the table below. Adjustments to the fuel surcharge will be reviewed monthly, and any changes will be applied to invoices 30 days later.

The DOE average for the month of September 2021 was 3.384 per gallon. 

Logistics & Fuel Charge for will remain at .0085/msi for October & November

Mactac Fuel Surcharge Table

Department of Energy Average Diesel Price for the Month

Minimum Price per Gallon
Maximum Price per Gallon
Fuel Surcharge per MSI
$1.500 $2.000 $0.002
$2.001 $2.400 $0.003
$2.401 $2.800 $0.004
$2.801 $3.300 $0.005
$3.301 $3.800 $0.006
$3.801 $4.300 $0.007
$4.301 $4.700 $0.008
$4.701 $5.100 $0.009
$5.101 $5.500 $0.010
$5.501 and greater $0.011

Chemical Surcharge

The chemical surcharge is based on a 90 day rolling average of the monthly low price of an acrylic monomer, 2-EHA. This surcharge is used as a surrogate measure to allow customers to anticipate fluctuations in key adhesive chemical raw material costs. The surcharge doesn't recapture all of the inflation for these chemicals but is an indicator of trends impacting costs that Mactac must deal with. 

Based on the published monthly prices of 2-EHA in Dec 2020, the 90-day average price of 2-EHA is $82.3/lbs.  The Chemical surcharge for June 2021 will be 0.00/msi. If there are 3 consecutive months averaging in the 120-129 range, Mactac will implement the chemical surcharge new tier here.