Mactac Logo Usage

Our brand and how to use it

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A wordmark and an icon

In most applications we need to stick to the main Mactac logo. The proportions and positioning of the wordmark and the icon are fixed. The protection zone is the blank margin or space surrounding our logo. It gives our logo breathing space for mazimum visibility. The protection zone is in size identical with the size of our icon. No other graphic or text should appear within the protection zone.

Lively red with a touch of gray balancing on white surfaces

How to spell our brand name

In all languages and in all various forms of written communication, Mactac is written with an upper case 'M'. We have deliberately chosen an open and accessible logo, and in our logo we spell our brand name with a lower case 'm', but in plain text we write our brand name with an upper case 'M'. Common grammatical rules applies: write Mactac like you write any other last name, country or city names.

Color versions of our logo

Our primary logo version has a red wordmark and a red gradient/gray gradient icon. Whenever possible try to place the logo on a fully white surface. Always try to use the preferred versions of the logo. In cases where it is technically impossible check which logo is best for the technology used.

Use our Mactac logo always in a full 100%. Never use the logo in transparent, in tones, in shades or any other color version.

Please refer to our Style Guide (included with logo download) for additional information on how to properly use our brand.