Vinyl RV Wraps

Vinyl RV wraps come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures to give your RV a unique look with added protection from environmental damage. The vinyl film for wrapping comes in large rolls and can fit a range of RV types, from motorhomes to travel trailers, personalizing your RV with custom graphics, or as an alternative to repainting your RV. 

The A in Mactac stands for adhesives, and we are a leading manufacturer of vinyl films designed specifically for RV applications. We use cutting-edge research to develop our vinyl films to ensure that our RV wraps meet your needs. In addition to our commitment to providing high-quality vinyl wraps, we also produce repositionable wraps. Our repositionable wraps are designed with the same level of expertise and cutting-edge research as our traditional vinyl films. These wraps allow for easy repositioning during the application process, ensuring a seamless and professional look.

What Are RV Vinyl Wraps?

An RV wrap works much like a decal, consisting of vinyl sheets with an adhesive back that changes the look of RVs for either a long-term look or a short-term run. They can come in a variety of designs and colors, even custom created to give your RV a unique appearance. 

The vinyl wrap itself is a pressure-sensitive thin sheet with an adhesive back, which is applied by professional installers. Using our extensive research into adhesives and vinyl film, our cast is top-of-the-line and developed in our state-of-the-art facility in South Carolina. 

Ways to Wrap Your RV

Vinyl wraps for RVs are highly customizable and flexible, making them a perfect solution for those wanting to personalize their RV or give it a quick revamp without the high costs of repainting it. Vinyl film can be effectively applied to any type of RV, no matter the dimensions or, if wanting designs here and there, where the vinyl film is being placed. 

In general, there are two categories for wrapping:

  • Full Wrap: The RV is fully wrapped in vinyl film for an appearance that stretches the entirety of the car's painted areas.

  • Partial Wrap: This type of wrapping includes specific areas to target, from the hood to the front bumper, one side or the other, etc. It's more cost-effective than a full wrap and gives you the ability to choose different designs or colors at different spots on the RV. A partial RV wrap includes any area of the RV without fully wrapping it in one single vinyl film design.

Benefits of RV Wraps

Wrapping your RV in vinyl film provides a lot of benefits for both individuals and businesses who want to advertise and increase their brand awareness:

The Wrap is Easily Removed and Replaced

Vinyl wraps for RVs are much easier to remove and replace than paint because they come in film sheets that are in pieces instead of one single wrap. When one piece is damaged or you want to change the design, you don't have to have the entire RV rewrapped, just that single piece can be replaced depending on the overall exposure to the environmental elements.

RV Wrap Can Be Personalized with a Graphic or Design

Print shops and PSPs can customize vinyl film with any graphic and design you want, but also any color, pattern, or finish wanted to make your RV unique to you or your company. This is a big cost-effective solution for companies that have a fleet of RVs and as they're easily changed, without the added expense of repainting them when a design is adjusted.

A Wrap Helps Protect the RV's Finish

The elements can do a number on your RV, but so too does the sun's UV rays, causing the paint to fade along with any designs on the RV. Vinyl wrap provides additional protection, as an added layer with UV-protective coating, it can help prevent the RV's paint from fading while providing further protection against the elements due to the vinyl film being more scratch resistant than paint.

A Wrap is Easier to Fix

Vinyl wraps are long-lasting and can be extremely durable when it's a better quality wrap, which is why we at Mactac invest heavily in our research and development. When a piece of film becomes damaged, it's much easier to fix by replacing the damaged piece. When the paint is scratched or damaged, you need to repaint the entire RV or the colors won't match; this is due to the UV rays fading the RV mostly uniformly and a fresh paint job in one area will stand out significantly from the rest.

Vinyl RV Wraps FAQ

  • How long does vinyl wrap last?

    • Most vinyl wraps last between three to five years before needing replacing depending on environmental factors.

  • Does vinyl wrap affect insurance?

    • Many insurers are flexible with vinyl wraps as it's considered a temporary change due to it being easily removed if needed.

  • Can vinyl wrap be waxed?

    • It isn't recommended to use wax or other similar coatings on vinyl wrapping or vehicle graphics.

  • Does vinyl wrap cause rust?

    • Not at all, in fact, vinyl wrap helps prevent rust from developing. Vinyl wrap helps prevent rust because the panels of the RV won't be in direct contact with water or the sun.

  • Does wrapping an RV ruin the paint?

    • Not at all, vinyl wrap is created to be safely applied to any type of paint.


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