Simply Sustainable®

Together, We Can Make a Difference

With guidance under the LINTEC Group, we aim for opportunities to evaluate and expand the Mactac sustainability program to further reduce our footprint, inspire employees and showcase the value we provide to customers in their quest to meet the environmental needs of end-users. 

Simply Sustainable® is more than a brand. It is our initiative to choose environmental best practices so they can be ingrained in everything we do and simply become a part of who we are. And it simply starts with building a culture that values and celebrates responsible innovation.

Mactac’s Sustainability Mission Statement:

Our sourcing team focuses on sourcing material from companies that also share our passion for the environment. We make every effort to source our paper from companies that procure materials from sustainably managed forests.

Our manufacturing facilities focus daily on waste reduction. Coated product waste is either recycled or sent to waste-to-energy plants, and our effort is to minimize the amount and impact of the waste material as we continue our focus for sustainability.

Our research and development teams are pursuing technology that will aid in the recycling process. Our focus is to continue to look for ways for all end-use products to be able to be recycled.

Our company is focused on diversity and equal rights for all employees. Our goal is to have an accepting work environment that is both good for employees as well as our environment. Mactac continues to drive community events and fundraisers that support the community.

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