Simply Sustainable


Together, We Can Make a Difference

Simply Sustainable™ product line is PVC-free and consists of polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) films that meet current regulatory standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety and Improvement Act (CPSIA).

Mactac’s Sustainability Mission Statement:

Our sourcing team focuses on sourcing material from companies that also share our passion for the environment. We make every effort to source our paper from companies that procure materials from sustainably managed forests.

Our manufacturing facilities focus daily on waste reduction. Coated product waste is either recycled or sent to waste-to-energy plants, and our effort is to minimize the amount and impact of the waste material as we continue our focus for sustainability.

Our research and development teams are pursuing technology that will aid in the recycling process. Our focus is to continue to look for ways for all end-use products to be able to be recycled.

Our company is focused on diversity and equal rights for all employees. Our goal is to have an accepting work environment that is both good for employees as well as our environment. Mactac continues to drive community events and fundraisers that support the community.

Mactac Sustainable Products

Product Name Description
Crystal Cling SS299           This 4.0-mil gloss clear removable PET film offers excellent clarity and print compatibility with UV and latex inkjet printers. It features a 3.0-mil polyester traction back release liner and is intended for short- to medium-term advertising on glass surfaces such as windows, displays, and signboards.
Print-Friendly Opaque SS129  Designed for medium-term advertising on glass surfaces such as windows, displays, and signboards, this 2.3-mil gloss white permanent block-out PP film can be printed with UV inkjet printers. It is top-coated and protected with a 50# bleach glassine liner.
White Magic Cling SS99and Clear Magic Cling SS29 Available in gloss white (SS99) or gloss clear (SS29), this 2.0-mil soft, flexible PP removable film is designed to cling to any smooth glass surface, including windows, office doors, display cases, or beverage coolers. It also works well on other smooth, glossy plastic and shiny metal surfaces. It is supplied with a 90# poly-coated layflat liner for ease of processing and handling and can be printed with conventional screen and offset, UV screen and offset, UV inkjet, and latex printers.

Distributor and printer customers are on a mission to meet end-user needs for sustainable marketing and advertising products. Mactac is committed to environmental responsibility, and we want to support our customers by offering them quality, go-to products that help reduce environmental impact.

With guidance and support from Mactac’s parent company, LINTEC, Mactac follows a Simply Sustainable culture of environmental responsibility that encompasses environmental best practices and development of environmentally friendly products, while aiming to reduce the company’s footprint, inspire employees, and provide added value to customers.



Giving Back to Our Communities


Giving Back to Our Communities

Our Indiana, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and South Carolina locations recycle all stretch wrap, corrugate, aluminum, steel, plastic, batteries, electronic waste, bulbs, capacitors, pallets, and drums. Scrap rolls are then sold to the material reseller for further recycling and repurposing. We are always working on waste reduction in our production process while focusing on 100% solids adhesive technologies. Programs, such as our Precise Program, have been put in place to eliminate off-cuts going to waste.

Within the Stow, Ohio, community, employees collaborate with local organizations such as Bulldog Bags, Inc., to provide children with food for the weekend. The Adopt-a-Spot organization has dedicated areas throughout Stow that are maintained by volunteers in locations such as local parks and community areas.