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Protecting products on their way to customers, retail stores, distributing centers, or stow is vital to the bottom line of any company. Securing items is partly about the materials something is packaged in and how it is cushioned, the type of packaging tape is also important. 


Explore packing tape that is designed from adhesive to the material itself to make packaging products safer. 


How Is Engineered Packing Tape Different from Other Shipping Tape Products?

Many moving and storage companies sell packaging tape, it's available at most hardware stores, and many people keep it in the house just in case. So, what makes engineered packaging tape different than the ones on retail shelves?

Here are key features to consider when looking at packaging tapes for commercial use:

  • Adhesive Properties: Engineered packaging tape uses specialized adhesives tailored for specific applications, including enhanced bonding strength, durability, resistance to temperature fluctuations, or compatibility with different surfaces compared to standard packaging tape adhesives.
  • Backing Material: Materials such as polyester, polypropylene, or reinforced paper are common features of engineered packaging tape. These materials are chosen for their strength, tear resistance, and ability to withstand stress during shipping and handling.
  • Thickness and Conformability: Available in a range of thicknesses, engineered packaging tapes are better for conformability to irregular surfaces, such as cartons with uneven or rough surfaces. 
  • Specialized Features: Tamper-evident seals, UV resistance for outdoor applications, water-activated adhesives for secure closure in humid environments, or anti-static properties to prevent damage to electronic components during shipping are features companies can select when ordering engineered packaging tapes.
  • Performance Under Stress: Engineered packaging tapes are designed to maintain their integrity and performance even under extreme conditions such as high humidity, temperature fluctuations, or rough handling. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the demands of various shipping and storage environments.

Types of Adhesives Mactac Offers for Packaging Tape

Packaging materials include an array of substrates, which not all adhesives are best for. To prevent damage and ensure a seal is kept, Mactac offers adhesive options for packaging tape that delivers what your packing requires:

  • Permanent Rubber Adhesive: Provides excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal, ensuring that the packaging remains sealed and intact during transit. As a permanent adhesive type, once it is applied it forms a strong bond that is difficult to remove without damaging the packaging. Typically used for tamper-proof packaging.
  • Permanent/Permanent Rubber Adhesive for Packaging Tape: It is often used for applications where a strong bond is required between two surfaces, such as sealing packages, mounting displays, or laminating materials. As a permanent adhesive, it ensures a secure bond that withstands handling, vibration, and environmental factors common during shipping and storage. It is typically used for long-term applications.

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Explore our selection of engineered tape for your packaging needs and the choice of adhesives your stock and sealing demands.