The gloss of a scratch resistant car finish.

Gloss Overlaminate

Overlaminates aren't only to better protect printed graphics, signs, and other types of products; they can also enhance the look. Gloss overlaminates deliver a fresh wet paint look that shines the light while helping to prevent damage caused by UV rays, physical wear & tear, and fuel vapors that erode materials.

A gloss overlaminate isn't only for signage. The cast vinyl gloss film can be used as a wrap as well and give your car, boat, or a fleet of vehicles a perpetually fresh look. Explore the range of gloss overlaminate options we have and see which fits your application best.

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The gloss overlaminates we provide can be used for a variety of purposes and are designed with a range of applications in mind. For example, the ColorGard LUV8000 3.0 mil Gloss PVC is a calendered vinyl best for flat to moderately curved surfaces and long-term outdoor applications such as signage, windows, and walls.

Promogard PG7060….

Rayzor LF3648….

Explore our gloss overlaminates below and find which is best suited for your needs.

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Gloss Overlaminate FAQ

  1. Does gloss laminate scratch easily?
    1. Durability doesn’t differ based off of finish. 
  2. Is gloss overlaminate waterproof?
    1. All overlaminates provide a waterproof barrier and due to its very smooth surface encourages water to run off protecting the graphic.
  3. Is gloss overlaminate easy to clean?
    1. It is very easy to clean with the correct recommended cleaning solutions.