Macbond HSA440 2.4/2.4 mil Dual Liner Double Coated Tape

  • Coat Weight: 2.4 mil
  • Adhesive Number: MP440
  • Brand Name: MacBond
  • Carrier: 0.5 mil PET
  • Certifications: FDA 21CFR 175.105, JIS A-1901, RIT Certified
  • Liner Category: 72# White PCK, 1.2 mil Polyester (PET)

Versatile solvent-free acrylic adhesive double coated tape with excellent balance of peel, tack and shear properties. Performs well on medium to high surface energy materials, excellent temperature and humidity resistance.This adhesive is pH neutral.

This double coated tape features two release liners; a 1.2 mil clear PET easy release liner and a 72# PCK functional release liner. The dual liner option makes the tape easy to handle, die cut and provides an exceptionally smooth appearance.