How Can Mactac Help You Stand out from the Crowd

In 2006, we set out on a mission: differentiate Mactac Industrial Tapes from the rest of the industry. Easier said than done. At the time, there was one clear leader in industrial and technical tape manufacturing – and then there was everyone else. Our strategy was to focus on technology and asset capabilities. It was a daunting task, but when we realized the solution, it changed the face of Mactac tapes forever. 

An uphill battle

Like almost every other supplier, we were coating solvent acrylic adhesives to make high-performance products. For decades, solvent acrylics were the only choice for high-performance applications (and still have a large presence today). However, because of the complexity, knowledge, and infrastructure needed for polymerization, everyone in the industry relied on third-party chemical manufacturers for their adhesives.

Furthermore, after years of attrition and consolidation, there were only two major manufacturers of solvent acrylics (as is the case today). Thus, when your product’s fundamental component is being purchased by every supplier and from the same vendors, it’s difficult to differentiate solutions, performance, and cost.

Another major challenge was coating speed. Because of guidelines set forth by OHSA and the EPA, and most importantly, the physics of drying, everyone who was coating solvent acrylics was doing so at the same pace. A new solvent line won’t make the drying process any more efficient than lines that are 40 years old.

A leap of faith

So, we took a gamble and transitioned many key products to hot melt and UV coating (aka 100% solids coating). Since our formulation and processing experience was in low-speed solvent coating, there was quite the learning curve to develop expertise in high-speed energy coating.

But, we knew we were onto something big and innovative when we began building our new coater. What started as a sketch on the back of a bar-top napkin became a one-of-a-kind, cutting edge adhesive coater with unmatched capability. And, the rest is history.

100% solids coating at its finest

Unlike any other adhesive coating technology out there, our advanced technology is capable of coating 100% solids adhesives at 1,000 feet per minute. Additionally, it can also coat both sides of a web simultaneously!

It utilizes two independent coating heads and each head can coat either UV acrylic or hot melt rubber – allowing us to run any adhesive combination (i.e. rubber/rubber, acrylic/acrylic, rubber/acrylic, permanent/removable, etc.).

Indeed, Mactac uniquely stands out among our competitors.

Our custom-engineered state-of-the-art coating technology is second-to-none. We make great, high-performing adhesive products that deliver much more than a ‘me-too offering’ and we control the entire manufacturing process for a sustainable cost model that maximizes customer value and adds flexibility in solutions, service, and support.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your industrial tape application needs.