Surface Energy: The Basis of Bonding

In this post, we will discuss surface energy, how it influences adhesion and how low-surface energy adhesives work.

Mactac's GS Series Tapes Offer a Helping Hand for Transportation Assembly Applications

Have you ever been working on a project and wished you had an extra hand—or two?

Mactac's VISODERM Polyurethane Films

In the last 20 years, an explosion of scientific advancements has been made in the field of wound care.  An entirely new type of medical professionals has emerged specializing solely on the treatment of wounds.

Mean, Clean and Green

Fresh off the floors of FOAM EXPO North America 2019, our CleanTape™ tape with low outgassing, non-VOC UV acrylic adhesive is generating quite the industry buzz.

Translating the Benefits of UV Acrylic Adhesives to Applications

In our most recent post, we discussed key benefits of UV acrylic adhesives. Today, we’d like to focus on how these benefits translate into applications.