Mactac Top Of The Line Coating Technology

For six decades, Mactac® has been a leader in formulating high-quality, high-value industrial tapes. And, partnering with us to meet your specific application needs is as simple as can be – like 1, 2, 3.

Literally, there are 3 key things you can expect from us as your industrial tapes partner:

  1. Technology. We have exceptional and extremely efficient in-house adhesive formulation and development capabilities. Our custom-engineered state-of-the-art coating technology is second-to-none.
  2. Performance. We make great, high-performing adhesive products. Our highly engineered go-to products are streamlined and focused for simple to complex applications.
  3. Value. We’re vertically integrated. We control the entire manufacturing process and we’ve got a sustainable cost model that maximizes customer value and adds flexibility in solutions, service and support.