A No-Brainer: Rubber-Based Adhesive Technology

From optimum performance and quick-and-easy customization to value that is unmatched and more – using rubber-based adhesive technology to develop and formulate industrial tapes is a no-brainer.

Rubber-based adhesives are some of the most cost-effective pressure-sensitive adhesives. They have great overall adhesion and offer a unique mix of shear strength with high-tack properties. In addition to the benefits of tack and shear, rubber-based adhesives aggressively adhere to low- and high-surface energy materials.

Additionally, with such great holding power, rubber-based adhesives can be used in hundreds of applications. They can mount almost anything – from signage assembly and wall mounting/bonding to RV, automotive, building and construction applications, vibration dampening applications and more.

R&D that is focused on rubber

As you may have seen in our most recent blog post, Mactac® has been specializing in 100-percent solids rubber adhesive formulation for years. Our in-house development and compounding processes are extremely efficient and our custom-engineered state-of-the-art coating technology provides exceptional value. We’ve made the development of rubber-based adhesives our primary focus and because of that, we deliver numerous customer advantages. For example:

Technology. We have two different mixing scales and capabilities for rubber adhesive formulation. Using advanced software we can calculate the best way to maximize adhesive properties per specification targets – optimizing our formulations to the most finite detail.

Performance. We continuously develop new formulations to solve the toughest challenges. For example, typically, hot-melt rubber adhesives can’t achieve good room temperature shear strength. But, we have hot-melt rubber adhesives that hold more weight than acrylics. This is where our R&D team excels and it’s why we’re the industry-leader in product performance.

Value. We control the entire manufacturing process, we customize production and we’ve got a sustainable cost model that maximizes customer value and adds flexibility in solutions, service and support. Additionally, thanks to our innovative technology, we don’t have to spend as much to make our products and we can double-coat adhesives in a single pass – equating to even more customer value.

Go with rubber and you’ll never need another

As Mactac’s R&D team likes to say: “Once you go with rubber, you will never need another!”

Mactac offers 100-percent solids rubber adhesive solutions for hundreds of applications in various markets – from direct food to direct skin. Our rubber-based tapes are great for low- and high-surface energy substrates and also perform very well on challenging substrates like foams and fabrics. 

Learn more about Mactac’s comprehensive portfolio of rubber-based tapes today!