Fast Facts on the Growing Cannabis Labeling Market

The cannabis labeling market just might be the fastest growing market in the label industry today. The growth rate is expected to be 35% from 2021-2028 (mostly in the oils segment). As cannabis continues to be legalized in the U.S. and across the globe, opportunities are abundant.

For digital printers, this market yields a high number of SKU’s and calls for shorter run sizes — a perfect combination in the digital printing world. Additionally, product varieties in the cannabis market segment continue to grow, thus so does the demand for new and more labels and packaging.

For those considering doing business in this unique market, below are a few quick facts to know:

  1. Differences in label requirements for recreational versus medical cannabis.  

While recreational products can have more embellishments and unique designs, medical products often call for a cleaner looking label to meet text requirements. A label with a matte finish will help ensure clean readability of text. 

  1. Effective label materials for off-the-shelf purchase.

As with any retail product, shelf appeal in the cannabis market is imperative. Labels and packaging that is more likely to drive a cannabis purchase often stands out with either gloss, matte or silver metalized finishes.

  1. Specialized packaging for varying consumer groups.

Research indicates that different consumer generations are drawn to different product labeling and packaging. For example, younger consumers gravitate toward flashy, eye-catching packaging while older generations tend to appreciate simplistic packaging to clearly read product contents and details. 

  1. Sustainable cannabis labeling.

While sustainability hasn’t trended in the cannabis market segment just yet, it likely will — and sooner rather than later. Sustainability is becoming a top priority in all labeling segments. And given the “natural” nature of cannabis, expect an uptick in requests soon.

  1. Security features on labels.

As with any market, security labels also have a place in the cannabis segment. Some of the most requested security features include void, tamper evident, and other destructible products.

For more information, check out Mactac and Spinnaker cannabis labeling products. Both companies offer a variety of specialty paper and film facestocks that are paired with specific adhesives for optimal performance. Labelstocks can be used in a wide range of applications, including glass, pop-top and reversible cap vials, cartons, bags, and pouches. Additionally, most products are offered on the Trimless and Precise programs, which allow for smaller minimum order requirements.