Curl Continued: Tips for Resolving Media Curl Off Press

In our last post, we provided insight on how much curl printers can typically tolerate. Today, we offer a few tips for how to best resolve media curl issues off press.

Media Curl: How Much is Too Much?

Today’s printers are generally designed to be able to handle a little bit of media curl. However, some printers are more sensitive to curl than others so it can be difficult to determine exactly how much curl a printer can tolerate.

Environmental Conditions for Laser and Inkjet Products

Ensuring the Best Environmental Conditions for Laser and Inkjet Products

Getting the Perfect Label Perforations

When determining the perfect perforations for your label production job, it is always recommended to start with your printer manufacturer’s guidelines.

Lessons in Layflat Laser Products

Manufacturers of layflat printing products take great strides to produce high-quality layflat printing products. Most notably, they develop facestocks and liners that are moisture-balanced – and they work diligently to precisely maintain that balance during coating and lamination processes.

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