Dry-Erase Overlaminate

Overlaminate films provide essential protection for a variety of products, from vehicles to signage and floor graphics to window graphics, but choosing the right finish can add extra uses and benefits. Dry-erase overlaminate not only protects from the elements and physical wear & tear damage but has a finish that allows dry-erase markers to be used without harming what is underneath. 

Overlaminates that are dry-erase also can cleanly removing permanent marker, dirt, grease, moisture, and alteration while also providing a safe layer to draw or write on due to its clear gloss surface, like a whiteboard. 

Explore the range of dry-erase overlaminate options we have and see which fits your application best. 

Explore Our Dry Erase Overlaminate Selection

Our overlaminate with a dry-erase finish can be used for a variety of purposes and are designed with a range of applications in mind.

Explore our dry-erase overlaminate below and find which is best suited for your needs.