Macbond® Rivet Tapes replace mechanical fasteners

Looking for a quick and permanent bonding solution? Macbond® Rivet Tapes replace mechanical fasteners and promise less clean-up than liquid adhesives. Designed to create a near-immediate bond­ — especially on irregular and hard-to-bond surfaces­ — these tapes hold materials fast and fix them firmly. An added perk: They reduce noise and vibration.

Use Rivet Tapes to bond metal, wood, polyethylene, polypropylene, glass, and more. They are extremely versatile and find applications in many markets, including packaging, building/construction, RV/trailer assembly, appliance/white goods, fabrication, and sign and display. Featuring heavier coat weights (up to 50-mils) and widths, these solvent-free, high-strength tapes are a customer favorite. Make a pivot and get the rivet!