Best of Both Worlds: Custom Pressure-Sensitive Tape Solutions

As most industrial tape users will agree, finding the right tape for the job can be challenging. And sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. For really difficult applications, it doesn’t matter how many different tapes are put to the test – none of them make the cut. So now what? 

For those who partner with Mactac Industrial Tapes, these demanding projects are precisely why our Applications Development team is here. When our customers have exhausted their resources trying every stock tape product imaginable without success, our Applications Development team steps in to further assess the challenge for custom product development potential.

It’s like partnering with a personalized Research & Development team whose top priority is helping customers solve tough application challenges, explore new ideas and develop industry-transforming solutions that will ultimately improve product portfolios.

Here’s how a partnership with Applications Development works:

  • Customer collaborates with Mactac sales representative to submit an opportunity, providing details such as types and textures of substrates being adhered to, environmental conditions, converting process, OEM and regulatory requirements, etc.
  • The applications Development team reviews the opportunity and explores options for custom product development, also consults with members of Mactac’s highly experienced R&D, manufacturing and technical service teams.
  • Recommendations are presented to customer and product development process begins, if a solution cannot be developed, team recommends alternate courses of action.
  • Through much investigative work, raw material testing, trial runs and customer interaction, the team produces product design and samples for customer testing and feedback.
  • Customer places trial order; Mactac begins production to create a new, custom-designed, one-of-a-kind industrial adhesive tape made specifically for the customer’s unique application.

Although Mactac has an extensive portfolio of highly engineered go-to products for simple to complex applications, we are also flexible and if one of our current products can’t get the job done, we’ll partner with you to create one that can. In the nearly 12 years our Applications Development team has been in existence, we’ve created thousands of custom adhesive tape solutions – including permanent and removable adhesive, liner and carrier constructions that feature endless combinations of raw materials.

If you have an industrial tape application challenge you can’t solve, contact your Mactac Marketing and Sales team today!