Reduce Sound With Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Sound and vibration reduction is a common need across many industries. Automotive manufacturers need to reduce the “buzz, squeak and rattle” in modern car designs, RV manufacturers need to reduce the vibration and noise created by joining plastic and metal components, and the building & construction industry needs to create a quiet interior environment free of floor squeaks and distracting ambient noise.

The materials used are many, depending on the industry requirements, temperature and environment, and type of sound or vibration you are trying to minimize or reduce. Common materials are polyurethane foams, felts, polyester non-wovens, fiberglass, cork, and mass loaded vinyl. Securing these materials can be a challenge, particularly in tight spaces or when the space between 2 dissimilar materials needs to be filled.

Pressure-sensitive tapes can be the solution to that problem, Mactac adhesives are tested for permanence and suitability for many of these materials, and if necessary, a differential product can be created if the application requires 2 different adhesives. In some applications, a foam tape or heavy-deposition elastomeric tape can provide the needed vibration and gap filling requirements. Mactac’s GS Series Rubber Rivet tape and MacMount foam tapes provide robust solutions for many of these applications.

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