Adhesive Tapes Make Your Assembly Process Faster and Your Product Lighter

In today’s competitive landscape, builders and manufacturers need to consider how they will, in the case of building and construction, make their process faster and in the case of automotive assembly, make their product lighter.

Many builders are moving away from traditional liquid adhesives and mechanical fasteners as a method to not only reduce cost but speed the construction process. Many construction adhesives have a slow drying process that can take anywhere from 24 hours to several days. Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are 100% cured in their final form and provide great long-term durability. This means no drying time.

PSA tapes can be used to install flooring and subflooring, install decorative trim or paneling, affix insulation, and many other applications.

In the automotive industry, the focus is on making vehicles lighter and therefore more fuel-efficient.  Manufacturers are moving away from traditional steel or aluminum materials in favor of lighter composite materials. Adhesives are necessary for joining and bonding materials where mechanical fasteners won’t create lasting bonds.

Similar to benefits found in the construction industry, automotive manufactures benefit from the ease of handling, the flexibility of the converted materials, and the added benefit of noise, vibration, and harshness reduction.

So if you need to make your item lighter or make your assembly faster, check out our building and construction adhesives to learn about how adhesive tapes replace mechanical fasteners and speed your assembly process.