Mactac's Prairie ReLatch Product Spotlight

Challenge: In three weeks, design and create a show-stopping resealable packaging sample to advertise and promote the label industry’s latest peel and reseal label technology.

Customer: Prairie State Group (PSG), Franklin Park, Illinois

Application: Peel and reseal food packaging

Solution: Mactac Relatch

Project Summary:

Based in Franklin Park, Ill., Prairie State Group, or PSG, is a well-known flexible packaging solutions provider. From custom printed labels to custom packaging needs, PSG has a reputation for partnering with its customers to determine flexible packaging solutions that answer specific and customized application challenges. Recently, Mactac® approached PSG for assistance with a highly unique, but extremely quick-turnaround flexible packaging project.

Mactac wanted to create a show-stopping piece to highlight its new Relatch™ line of peel and reseal labeling products at the fast-approaching Labelexpo Americas tradeshow. With the ability to seal, peel and reseal up to 100 times, the product line features a portfolio of film facestocks and specially engineered adhesives designed to create a more economical, user-friendly open-close packaging experience for demanding household, personal care and food packaging applications.

With just three weeks to engineer, print and manufacture the piece, the PSG team unanimously took on the challenge. The end result came in the form of a food-packaging tray, provided by full service food packaging supplier Point Five Shelf Life Solutions and a custom flexographic printed label – Mactac’s Relatch PTW8291-2 – adhered to a heat-sealed perforated top film.

To achieve this unique solution, PSG had to secure a material that would seal to the PET trays without tearing. They developed a PET/cast Nylon material with the sealing properties needed, while being held together from pressure created by pulling the Relatch lid. PSG then brought in the technical team from Rotometrics to help design the die-cut shape position, tooling type and configuration. Since the cut out needed to be registered to the tray applicator, PSG worked with the machine drawings to print the film with eye marks and align the die cut and label.

“We were extremely excited to work with Mactac on this show piece,” said Dan Doherty, PSG Executive VP of Operations/Principal. “Pulling off the production of this resealable packaging sample required a major team effort by all parties involved and the finished product looked great!”

Mactac’s Relatch product constructions include two types of acrylic adhesive based on seal strength (MP820 and M183A). Both adhesive options offer a smooth and quiet peel, non-water whitening adhesive, excellent clarity and resistance to moisture, solvents and oils. The adhesives pair with a selection of semi-conformable films including a 2.3-mil white polypropylene film, 3.1-mil white polypropylene film and a 2.0-mil clear polypropylene film. The films are backed with a 1.2-mil polyester liner and top-coated for superior printability, creating an aesthetically pleasing label that enhances a manufacturer’s brand.

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