Mactac Expands PUREapply Adhesive Offering

Mactac® Performance Adhesives Group expands its one-of-a-kind PUREapply® pressure-sensitive adhesive offering.

Unlike any other adhesive on the market, PUREapply delivers a unique combination of initial open time and ultimate secure adhesion. It was designed for any semi-rigid or rigid plastic container substrates and is often used in beverage, cosmetics, toiletries, household goods and food packaging labeling. It is also suitable for cold, damp labeling applications.

“PUREapply was custom-engineered for any and all plastics or glass – it doesn’t matter what type if it’s high or low energy, treated or untreated, and so on – PUREapply is the right choice,” says Kim Hensley, Senior Marketing Manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “No other comparable products on the market today are able to match PUREapply’s level of initial open time and still ensure long-lasting, secure label adhesion.”

A favorite of brand managers and packaging engineers, PUREapply forms a strong bond when applied yet offers initial adhesive open time for clean removability, if necessary. For example, if a label isn’t straight or centered when first applied, it can be initially and cleanly removed and repositioned. It will then build to high-tack secure adhesion for long-lasting shelf appeal.

Ensuring clean removability enhances environmental sustainability by reducing material scrap and improving time efficiencies associated with misapplied labels. PUREapply labels are also known for exceptional printability, clarity, and resistance to water whitening.

“Brand managers and packaging engineers want a label that prints great, is positioned correctly, and has superior, lasting adhesion,” says Hensley. “In refrigerated labeling, if outdoor temperatures are hot and humid labels can flag or fall off when transporting from store to home. In beverage labeling, bottles often move from place to place (like a cold refrigerator to a warm car) creating condensation and affecting label performance. In any case, the last thing a brand owner wants is for a label to degrade or come off a package. With PUREapply, brand owners trust packaging labels will look good, be well-positioned, and stay on without flagging.”

PUREapply is available in a 2.4-mil white polypropylene film construction and 2.0-mil clear polypropylene construction. Both constructions include a 1.2-mil polyester liner that is excellent for die-cutting, stripping, and label dispensing. Additional product options will be added in 2020, such as a 0.92-gauge PET liner, and more.

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