Mactac Announces Thinner, More Sustainable Thermal Transfer Labeling Solutions

Mactac® Roll Label announces the addition of thinner, more sustainable thermal transfer labeling solutions to its Optiscan® product line-up.  

The two new products feature facestocks that are 14 percent thinner caliper than current products and Mactac’s recently launched ultra-thin 1.7-mil BLOOM® hi.mpact™ glassine paper liner.  

“Across the labeling industry, customers are looking for more sustainable options,” says Kathy Magyar, Senior Marketing Manager for Mactac Performance Adhesives. “Today, most thermal transfer papers are 40 lb. in weight with a 2.9-mil caliper, but Mactac’s new products feature constructions as low as 34 lb. in basis weight and thinner calipers. Additionally, these facestocks are paired with our revolutionary BLOOM hi.mpact liner for total product constructions that are more than 20 percent thinner than other products.”

Optiscan products with BLOOM hi.mpact include Optiscan K (TTK2652-7 ) and Optiscan V (TTV9552-7 and TTV1752-7).

Optiscan K features a coated thermal transfer facestock that is 14 percent thinner caliper than current products and uses less paper/coating at only 34 lb. basis weight. It offers good flexographic printability and excellent thermal transfer print quality and is available with either Mactac’s InFusion™ hybrid adhesive system or 640AT all-temperature acrylic adhesive.

Optiscan V has an uncoated, super smooth vellum thermal transfer facestock that is 14 percent thinner caliper than most current products. Less abrasive to dies and print heads, it offers great flexographic printability and good thermal transfer print quality. Optiscan V is paired with Mactac’s InFusion hybrid adhesive system or ST-95 permanent acrylic emulsion adhesive.

Mactac’s BLOOM hi.mpact liner reduces the labeling industry’s environmental impact and increases converter/end-user profitability. Thinner than traditional liners, it delivers efficiencies to manufacturing, converting, shipping, transportation and warehousing through less raw material usage, increased labels/footage per roll, reduced packaging waste, reduced freight, and more.

Optiscan products with BLOOM hi.mpact are ideal for applications such as shipping, warehouse labels, work-in-process labels, pizza/food delivery seals, and more. They have a shelf-life of up to one year.

For more information on Mactac’s Optiscan products with BLOOM hi.mpact, or any of the high-quality materials available from Mactac Performance Adhesives Group, call 800-255-9733, email [email protected] or visit