Mactac Adds New Ultra-Thin, Environmentally Friendly Liner to Roll Label Products

STOW, Ohio – With a goal to reduce the labeling industry’s environmental impact, Mactac® has added a new ultra-thin, environmentally friendly liner to its Roll Label product offering.

The new liner is known as BLOOM® hi.mpact™ as it impacts both the environment and converter/end-user profitability.

“At Mactac, we’ve made it our mission to develop high-value, high-performance product solutions that reduce our environmental impact,” says Kathy Magyar, senior marketing manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “With BLOOM hi.mpact, Mactac customers and our customers’ customers will reduce their impact to the environment while increasing their bottom lines.”

At only 1.7-mils, the highly densified and refined Glassine paper liner is thinner than traditional liners. Not only is this better for the environment, it delivers significant efficiencies to manufacturing, converting, shipping, transportation and warehousing, such as:

  • Less raw material usage
  • Increased productivity with more labels/footage per roll, less roll change-over during printing and application and less downtime
  • Reduced packaging waste, including cores, cartons, boxes and shrink wrap
  • Reduced freight; i.e. less shipments, fuel usage and CO2 emissions
  • Increased warehouse space

“Fewer change-overs in applicating means less downtime and fewer packaging and cartons, for less waste. Also, more labels per roll – at greater than 10 percent more footage for the same original diameter – equates to fewer shipments so less freight, lower fuel usage and reduced fuel emissions,” says Magyar. “All of this contributes to a sustainable positive impact for you, both financially and environmentally.”

From a performance standpoint BLOOM hi.mpact offers:

  • An ultra-smooth surface, leading to better laydown of adhesive for an improved appearance (especially important for clear films)
  • A smooth consistent, harder die-cutting surface than other liners, leading to superior converting

BLOOM hi.mpact is available on a variety of Mactac Roll Label products.

“From semi-gloss and dairy label products to direct thermal and thermal-transfer products as well as higher end prime films – Mactac has you covered,” Magyar adds.

For more information on Mactac’s BLOOM hi.mpact, or any of the high-quality environmentally friendly materials available from Mactac Performance Adhesives Group, call 800-255-9733, email [email protected] or visit