Tapes for Bonding, Mounting & Transfer

Tape includes a range of subtypes, from mounting and transfer tapes to bonding tapes. Each of these is a specialized type of adhesive tape is designed for a wide range of applications where bounding materials, mounting components, or transferring objects are needed. 

The A in Mactac stands for adhesives, and we are a leading manufacturer of adhesive, mounting & transfer tapes designed for an array of products and applications. Through advanced research and development, we ensure that our engineered tapes exceed expectations in adhesive bonding. 

Our commitment shows in our innovative approach, enabling greater adhesion in a range of industries. 


Types of Mounting, Transfer, and Bonding Tapes

There is a wide array of tape types and categories, including bonding, mounting & transfer tape. These types of tapes provide strong adhesion, ease of use, and versatility across different applications in a range of industries. 


Explore some common types of bonding tapes, mounting tapes, and adhesive transfer tape below:

  • Double-Sided Tapes: These tapes have adhesive on both sides and are used for bonding two surfaces together, such as attaching signs, displays, or trim in the automotive industry, mounting mirrors or hooks in construction, or assembling electronic devices.
  • Foam Tapes: Foam tapes are used for mounting applications requiring cushioning, vibration damping, or gap-filling properties. They are commonly used in automotive assembly, electronics, and construction for mounting emblems, weather stripping, or sealing joints.
  • Transfer Tapes: Transfer tapes have a thin adhesive film coated onto a release liner and are used for transferring objects from one surface to another. They are commonly used in graphics and signage applications for transferring vinyl letters or graphics onto substrates.
  • Structural Tapes: These tapes are engineered to provide high-strength bonding and are used in applications requiring load-bearing, such as bonding panels, facades, or structural components in construction, aerospace, or automotive assembly.
  • VHB Tapes (Very High Bond): VHB tapes are a type of structural tape known for their excellent strength and durability. They provide permanent bonding solutions for a wide range of materials and surfaces, including metals, plastics, and composites, in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, and architecture.
  • Mounting Tapes: Mounting tapes are used for securely mounting objects onto surfaces without the need for screws or nails. They are commonly used in interior design, signage, and displays for mounting mirrors, picture frames, or decorative elements onto walls or other surfaces.
  • Adhesive Transfer Tapes: Adhesive transfer tapes consist of a thin adhesive layer coated onto a release liner and are used for bonding applications requiring precision and cleanliness. They are commonly used in electronics, automotive, and medical device manufacturing for bonding components or attaching labels.
  • Acrylic Foam Tapes: Acrylic foam tapes offer a combination of high-strength bonding and conformability, making them suitable for bonding irregular or textured surfaces. They are commonly used in automotive assembly, signage, and construction for mounting exterior trim, emblems, or architectural panels.
  • Removable Tapes: Removable tapes are designed for temporary bonding or mounting applications where repositioning or removal without residue is needed. They are commonly used in retail, events, and exhibitions for temporary displays, signage, or decorations.

Common Applications 

Tape for mounting, transfer, and bonding is used across industry types and in a wide scope of applications due to its strength, ease of use, and high versatility. Below, you'll find their most common uses according to their industry:

  • Automotive Industry:
    • Bonding trim, emblems, and badges onto vehicles.
    • Mounting interior components such as dashboards, consoles, and door panels.
    • Attaching exterior accessories like moldings, spoilers, and side skirts.
    • Bonding weather stripping and seals for doors, windows, and hoods.
  • Construction and Building Industry:
    • Mounting architectural panels, cladding, and facade systems.
    • Installing signage, graphics, and decorative elements.
    • Bonding structural elements such as glass, metal, or composite panels.
    • Securing insulation materials and weatherproofing membranes.
  • Electronics and Electrical Industry:
    • Bonding electronic components, PCBs, and displays.
    • Mounting sensors, cameras, and speakers in electronic devices.
    • Attaching cables, wires, and connectors.
    • Securing batteries and power modules in consumer electronics or industrial equipment.
  • Aerospace Industry:
    • Bonding interior panels, fixtures, and furnishings in aircraft cabins.
    • Mounting instrumentation panels, controls, and displays in cockpits.
    • Securing insulation materials and soundproofing layers.
    • Bonding structural components and composite materials in aircraft assembly.
  • Retail and Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays:
    • Mounting product displays, shelves, and signage.
    • Attaching promotional materials, posters, and banners.
    • Bonding product samples or giveaways onto promotional displays.
    • Securing retail fixtures and architectural elements in stores or exhibitions.
  • Medical and Healthcare Industry:
    • Bonding medical devices, sensors, and monitors.
    • Mounting IV poles, equipment stands, and storage bins.
    • Securing cables, tubing, and hoses in medical equipment.
    • Attaching signage, instructions, and labels in healthcare facilities.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Applications:
    • Bonding components, subassemblies, and parts in manufacturing processes.
    • Mounting machinery, fixtures, and equipment in industrial settings.
    • Securing temporary or permanent fixtures during assembly or production.
    • Attaching labels, tags, and identification markers to products or packaging.
  • DIY and Home Improvement:
    • Mounting mirrors, frames, and hooks on walls.
    • Securing household fixtures, shelves, and organizers.
    • Bonding trim, moldings, and decorative elements.
    • Attaching weather stripping, insulation, and sealing materials

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