One product. Less inventory. Any application.

Too good to be true? We’d like to think so. An all temperature label specially formulated for demanding cold temperature applications, but that works great at room temperature too.


One Product

CHILL AT® is a hot melt adhesive, which will give you the application versatility you need. It was designed to stick quickly and stay in place as needed – whether your application condition is room temperature or something more challenging, like 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. CHILL AT is specially formulated to adhere from very cold to hot temperatures (-65° – 150°F). Additionally, it works well on low surface energy substrates like low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and more.

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Delivering even more benefits, CHILL AT® touts extremely fast converting speeds for more through-put to less matrix breaks and lowers your costs.

Less Inventory

Because CHILL AT products feature Mactac’s proprietary hot melt rubber adhesive technology and can perform so well in cold temperature applications, CHILL AT is a true all temperature adhesive. Thanks to the high performing attributes of the custom-engineered adhesive, CHILL AT is an ideal off-the-shelf, all-in-one product for a wide variety of label applications – so you can do more, with less.

Any Application

CHILL AT excels in cold food and beverage packaging and other cold temperature applications. When it comes to refrigerated and frozen foods, it flawlessly accommodates sub-zero temperatures and meets needed durability despite cold, moisture and repeated product handling. For meat and poultry applications, its outstanding, secure label adhesion is ideal for the demanding cold temperature packaging and storage needs of high-priced meat and poultry items. With cheese labeling, it easily conforms to shrink wrap and other traditional cheese packaging materials, while also offering cheese producers a competitive marketing edge with its bright silver metalized label option.

Refrigerated & Frozen Food

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Meat & Poultry

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CHILL AT is available on a variety of facestocks, including Semi-Gloss, Bright Silver Metalized Paper, Label-lyte Polypropylene and Direct Thermal. Additional products are continually being added!

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