Windowview Films

Transform ordinary spaces with high quality, eye-catching window graphics

Window Applications

Windowview® Films

Mactac has your windows covered with 6 new films; frosted, clear, opaque, and translucent. All with air-egress adhesive for mess-free installation. Choose which window film is the best for your next application.

From air-egress films that can be used to create double-sided window displays to other permanent and removable films.

New Additions To Product Line


Windowview® Translucent


Intended for interior and exterior backlit graphic applications, including point-of-purchase (POP)/tradeshow displays and product identification, this flexible 3.2-mil matte white translucent vinyl has a permanent medium-tack adhesive that features UV light inhibitors. It is supplied with a 72# polycoated bleached liner and can be applied using wet or dry techniques.


Windowview Easy


Delivering a fast, bubble-free, mess-free dry application, this 3.5-mil flexible gloss clear vinyl film is ideal for indoor and outdoor window graphics and POP/tradeshow displays. It features a solvent-based removable adhesive and a 90# polycoated air-egress liner.



Windowview Clear


With the option to apply graphics wet or dry, this 3.5-mil flexible clear high-gloss vinyl features a solvent-based permanent adhesive with UV light inhibitors and a 90# polycoated bleached Kraft liner. It is designed for interior and exterior window graphics, decals, and POP displays.



Windowview Opaque


Achieving ultimate opacity and light block-out, this 6.0-mil gloss white opaque vinyl blend is metalized on one side and coated with a white pigmented permanent adhesive on the other. Supplied with a 90# polycoated bleached Kraft liner, it is for interior and exterior window graphics, cover-up labels, decals, and other applications that require an opaque media. It can be edge-printed without lifting.

  • Product can be combined with WV599 to produce interior and exterior, multiple-color two-way window graphics.


Windowview Clear


A 3.5-mil clear semi-gloss vinyl with a removable solvent acrylic adhesive and a 90# polycoated bleached layflat liner, this product is intended for interior and exterior window graphics and POP decals needing a no-label look. It can be dry or wet applied.

  • When reverse printed and laminated to WV129, print service providers can produce interior and exterior multiple-color two-way window graphics.


Windowview Easy Etch

Permanent yet repositionable

At 3.2-mils, this translucent, matte frosted polymeric PVC film features unique silver flakes and is supplied with a 90# polycoated air-egress layflat liner. It is coated with a permanent yet repositionable, clear acrylic micro-structured adhesive. The unique adhesive provides fast, dry application without air bubbles or wrinkling. It is used for indoor and outdoor graphics, backlit applications, and window etching or shading.

Existing Product Line



Windowview 70/30 Perforated


6.0 mil soft white vinyl film, coated with a black semi-permanent adhesive and a 70/30 perforation with a 1.4 mm hole diameter for one-way visibility.


Windowview Cling 


7.0 mil soft high gloss clear flexible print media which self-adheres to any smooth glass surfaces such as windows, office doors display cases and even beverage coolers.


Windowview Cling 


7.0 mil soft high gloss white flexible print media which self-adheres to any smooth glass surfaces such as windows office doors display cases and even beverage coolers.

“Expanding our window graphics line helps ensure that solutions are readily available to cover all of a customer’s glass and window surfaces,” said Amanda Smith, Marketing and Communications Manager, Mactac Graphics & Signage Solutions. “Our state-of-the-art assets in Minneapolis and Spartanburg, SC, are creating exciting growth opportunities for Mactac.”