Interactive Wodapalooza Chalkboard Wall

Challenge: Creating a reusable space where Wodapalooza attendees could write reflective responses to Faith Rx’d’s six-word challenge over the weekend-long event.

Customer: Vibrant Sign Studio; Faith Rx’d

Application: Three-panel wall vinyl wrap

Solution: Mactac® wallCHALKER™

Project Summary:

When participating in a globally recognized fitness festival and competition such as Wodapalooza, you really need to make an impact. Faith Rx’d, a fitness community for Christ-centered living and impact, sponsored the competition with the goal of reaching this inspired population of athletes and fans on a deeper level. Faith Rx’d often makes their presence known at competitions in hopes attendees and audience members alike will pursue greatness through authentic relationships, social media and Christian opportunities­­—so Wodapalooza was no different.

To create a lasting impression with all 1,500 athletes, 26,000 spectators and 500 volunteers attending the event, Faith Rx’d thought big. They incorporated Mactac® wallCHALKER™ wraps—designed to transform any wall or table surface into a replicated chalkboard—to challenge attendees to leave their mark by sharing their personal story in six words. As they put it, “Sure, your life story could fill a thousand pages, but sometimes six words is all you need.”

Faith Rx’d reached out to their go-to source for bringing ideas to life: Vibrant Sign Studio. Vibrant Sign Studio is a full-service custom sign company based in Miami, Florida, producing innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to contemporary sign-making. Part of their company’s philosophy is to provide customers with a high-quality product at a competitive price; something they knew they couldn’t pull off without one of their most dependable and inventive product partners—Mactac.

Knowing the client wanted a creative way to reach attendees throughout the weekend-long competition without having to create new signage every day, Vibrant Sign Studio turned to Mactac’s quality Mactac wallCHALKER product. The idea was to use a three-panel wall setup in a triangular arrangement so participants and spectators couldn’t miss the inviting visual as they were passing by. By using Mactac wallCHALKER, Faith Rx’d would be able to create a dynamic medium for participant interaction that would effectively capture passerby attention. Not only would the removable, customizable adhesive provide a surface to make colors pop, but Mactac wallCHALKER wipes clean with an eraser, damp cloth or sponge, allowing for a new set of attendees to participate and engage with their brand by the next morning. “It was exactly the solution we were looking for!” described Julio Novoa, Vibrant Sign Studio’s President. “Without Mactac’s versatile graphic capabilities and unmatched strength and expertise, I’m not sure we would have been able to turn this demanding project around so quickly.”

The final result was a consistently branded, visually appealing three-panel wall with a hanging bucket full of chalk to encourage attendees to document their take on the six-word challenge. Since Mactac wallCHALKER is latex and UV printable, Vibrant Sign Studio was able to imprint the Faith Rx’d name and logo, as well as the event organizer’s information. A hashtag was printed at the bottom to invite participants to take their picture with the wall and share their experience on social media with the hashtags #YouInSix and #UniquelyYou.

“We loved the playful and inviting nature of the graphics,” said Novoa. “We couldn’t have been more pleased with the feedback from our client. Faith Rx’d told us many people connected with the six-word challenge and took photos and videos with the Mactac wallCHALKER as the background. You can even see those images on Instagram with the hashtag of the event, #TheWodapalooza. I think more companies should consider using this type of product to interact with people, display new information or conduct brainstorming sessions or companywide initiatives. The look and feel of this product is so unique; Mactac wallCHALKER really makes your message vision come to life in a way that captures the attention of your audience.”

Mactac wallCHALKER is a 4.7-mil textured vinyl designed to transform any wall or table surface into a replicated chalkboard with a deep black matte surface that can be written on with everyday chalk and chalk ink markers. Mactac wallCHALKER is available in rolls of 24” and 48” and offers quick and easy installation with no dry time required and easy removability.