Cast vinyl: the best choice for harsh weather conditions

Cast Vinyl: The Best Choice for Harsh Weather Conditions


Outdoor signs are an essential element of any business's marketing strategy. They help to attract new customers, build brand recognition, and provide critical information about services, deals, and that you exist. However, outdoor signs face numerous challenges in harsh weather conditions, which can lead to damage and ultimately cost a company its sign while driving up the cost of frequent replacements. 

An alternative solution to repairs and replacement is having signage wrapped in cast vinyl. Considered the best choice for harsh weather conditions, discover why and how to care for cast vinyl signs to ensure they last for years longer than they already do.

The Damage Outdoor Signs Face

Outdoor signs face various types of damage that can significantly impact their lifespan without proper protection. The most common types of damage signs and graphics face include UV rays, pollution, debris impact from storms or cars, and extreme temperature changes. These factors can lead to fading, cracking, peeling, and other forms of deterioration that quickly demand sign replacements. A faded and poor-looking sign communicates the wrong impression to customers and street traffic, as well as the image losing its initial impact to fading. 

How Cast Vinyl Faces the Weather

Cast vinyl film is an excellent solution for outdoor signage because it is resistant to many types of weather-related damage, as described in the previous section. Here are some of the ways that cast vinyl film can withstand harsh weather conditions:

  • UV resistance: Cast vinyl film is resistant to damage from UV rays, which means that the graphics made with it or wrapped by it can last for years without fading or cracking.
  • Water resistance: Cast vinyl film is water-resistant, which means that it can withstand rain, snow, and other weather conditions that can damage other materials.
  • Temperature resistance: Cast vinyl film can withstand extreme temperatures, making it an ideal choice for outdoor signage in areas that experience extreme heat or cold and temperature fluctuations once installed. Reference individual performance guides of temperature ranges for installation. 
  • Flexibility: Cast vinyl film is highly flexible, more so than other types of vinyl film, making it easier to apply to uneven or curved surfaces, which is essential for creating high-quality signage.

Caring for Cast Vinyl Signs

To ensure that cast vinyl signs last for years longer than they already do without the maintenance, it is essential to care for them properly. Here are some best practices for maintaining and caring for the cast vinyl film:

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean cast vinyl signs with a mild detergent and a soft-bristled brush or cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the vinyl.
  • Storing: If you need to store cast vinyl preinstalled signs, roll them up and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Repairing: If your cast vinyl sign becomes damaged, repair it promptly to prevent further damage. Use a vinyl patch or replace the damaged section entirely. One of the perks of using vinyl film is that you're able to replace sections rather than needing the whole thing rewrapped. 

Keep Outdoor Signs Safe

Cast vinyl is the best choice for outdoor signage in harsh weather conditions because of its resistance to UV rays, water, extreme temperatures, and flexibility. By following the best practices for caring for cast vinyl signs, you can ensure that they remain in good condition and last for years, leading the way for customers and sales.

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