Modern car wrapped in grey color matte vinyl.

Textured Overlaminate

Overlaminates both protect and provide graphics and other items a finish to round out the look, whether it's covering a vehicle or signage for your business. A textured overlaminate does just that by giving people the option to combine colors and textures while giving more durable protection for items or vehicles that are handled often.

An overlaminate, no matter the finish, provides protection from wear and tear, UV rays, the elements, and other types of damage that could affect graphics. With a textured overlaminate, the protection is greatly enhanced, and a perfect choice of film for things handled a lot, such as floor graphics or signs held out on the street.

Explore the range of textured overlaminate options we have and see which fits your application best. 

Floor Graphics and Overlaminate Films

Finding a protective layer for floor graphics can be especially difficult due to the frequent wear and tear they face, but overlaminate films are a perfect application. Floors are an excellent space for marketing in stores, public spaces, and events, and can be used to direct foot traffic or sell as advertising space. Overlaminate films not only protect the graphics to promote longevity but can be used as slip prevention. Also, due to their easy application and repositioning, overlaminate films won't impede changing floor graphics or having to adjust them if they've been applied for a promotional event or changing signage. 

Explore Our Textured Overlaminates

No matter the product type, an overlaminate with a texture finish can give an enhanced look with elevated protection to both make the graphics pop and better prevent damage done to it. For example, the Permacolor Floor Grip PF6600 is a 6.0 mil clear, textured film that can be used as a boat wrap and for floors, and has a 3-year outdoor lifespan, as well as a 5-year indoor lifespan. Another textured overlaminate, the PermaFlex IP6100, is a 10.0 mil clear texture film that is best applied to floors and outdoor signage, and can be used within museums having a 5-year indoor and 3-year outdoor lifespan.

Explore our textured overlaminates below and find which is best suited for your needs.

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