Rough Exterior Building Wall Mural

Challenge: Transform the exterior of a large corporate building with a huge wall mural that features the vibrant artwork of a local artist.


Artist: Serena Love - Shewolf Studio

Epic Imaging, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

TELUS, Grand Prairie, Alberta


Large exterior building wall graphic/mural


Mactac IMAGin® RoughRAP®

Project Summary:

Known throughout Canada, the TELUS Corporation is a Canadian national telecommunications company that provides a wide range of products and services, such as voice, Internet, video, and television. Recently, the TELUS Grand Prairie, Alberta, location decided it wanted to showcase the power of communication in another way. TELUS hosted an art competition among local artists and the winning entry was featured as a huge wall mural on the side of the TELUS Grand Prairie office building.

Once the winning artwork was chosen, TELUS partnered with Epic Imaging to take care of the rest. Initially, Epic Imaging opted to use a wall graphic material offered by one of Mactac’s competitors. However, during the reveal ceremony, parts of the graphic came off the wall surface. As this was a high profile project, Epic Imaging immediately went back to work – this time choosing Mactac’s IMAGin RoughRAP RR100 product for exterior wall surfaces.

They used a Roland Eco-Solvent SOLJET 540 to print the large-scale graphic and came back to install it the next day. Although the weather conditions were extremely cold, the installation team pushed through, taking their time and applying heat as needed to get the job done.

“The end result was perfect – not to mention brighter and more vivid than the first material used,” said Josée Robinson of Epic Imaging. “Especially since the first material we used failed, we desperately needed to make our customer happy and knew Mactac material would do that. Through the years, we’ve tried many alternative materials from other manufacturers, but Mactac is the only one that consistently stands up to the demands of our installations.”   

RoughRAP is a 2.0-mil gloss white high-performance vinyl designed for application on brick walls and other rough, textured surfaces. It is highly conformable and features a high-tack permanent opaque adhesive as well as a 90# polycoated 2-side release liner for excellent lay-flat.