Mechanic applying protective film on a cars surface.

Overlaminate Films: Protective Films

Preserving and protecting designs on various products is important to keep them looking as intended for as long as possible, which is why so many products use overlaminate films. They are a common way to protect a range of items, from floors to signage, but are rarely noticed while providing greater durability and a finishing touch to what they're protecting.

The A in Mactac stands for adhesives and we use cutting-edge research to develop our overlaminate films to ensure that our wraps meet your needs. In addition to our commitment to providing high-quality film wraps, we also produce repositionable wraps. Our repositionable wraps are designed with the same level of expertise and cutting-edge research as our traditional vinyl films. These wraps allow for easy repositioning during the application process, ensuring a seamless and professional look.

Explore our selection of overlaminates and discover how you can protect your graphics, label, and products.

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What is an Overlaminate?

Overlaminate film is a transparent film with an adhesive backing that is usually found in digital printing, floor graphics, and window graphics to protect them from moisture, UV rays, natural elements, and damage. They can be applied as either a full wrap or to the front sign of an image or item. Clear overlaminates can be made in various thicknesses, from .5mm to 12mm, and finishes that range from plain matte to high gloss. They are also made with pressure-sensitive adhesives so they can bond well with the graphic they are protecting.

Benefits of Overlaminate Film

Protective overlaminate films offer an array of advantages to whatever they're applied to, including:

  • Overlaminate is thicker than clear coatings and provides greater protection from the elements and UV rays due to its thickness.
  • They are highly compatible with many printing systems, screeners, and other image-transfer systems.
  • They provide a uniform finish with a consistent surface gloss.
  • They last up to five years
  • They are easily applied to any relatively flat and smooth surface, but can also be used as a vehicle wrap.
  • Overlaminate is more quickly applied than protective liquid coating due to not having a drying time.

Overlaminate FAQ

  1. What is overlaminate used for?
    1. overlaminates are thin films that provide greater protection against damage from the elements, pollution, and UV light.
  2. What is an overlaminate wrap?
    1. A type of vinyl wrap that provides protection on every exposed surface of what is being covered in the overlaminate.
  3. What is the difference between laminate and coating?
    1. Overlaminate provides a waterproof barrier while coating only provides water resistance due to a coating not qualifying as a physical barrier.