MacBond® Essentials

The Essential Series portfolio includes our most versatile double-coated tapes and transfer adhesives, combined with a best-in-class service program and superior technical support – Mactac is here for you!

The Essentials Sell Sheet

The Problem:  Are you struggling to find the right adhesive solution for your application? Are you having problems finding a reliable source? Are long lead times and quality issues keeping you up at night?

The Solution: Watch the webinar!


Service Program

Customer Support: Highly trained sales and technical team are available to help solve your most challenging applications.

Low Minimums: One roll based on standard master length.

Standard Lead Times: 5 - 7 days

Finishing Flexibility: Longer roll lengths are available to help maximize your throughput. Work with our team to improve efficiency.

Slitting: No charge for <10 cuts.

Cores: 3" is standard; 6" available.

Packaging: Mactac will select the best packaging to ensure your product arrives damage free.

Quick Ship Service Programs: Pre-slit rolls available from Kansas City, MO or Philadelphia, PA facilities - orders ship in 1/2 days.

Sample Program: Standard 6" x 50' samples are available to ship in 5 - 7 business days. Custom samples are available to ship in 5 - 7 days.

Types of applications

Acoustic Tiling, Alternative Energy, Appliance, Architectural Detailing, Assembly, Automotive, Bag Closure Tape, Building & Construction, Circuit Boards, Credit Card Mailers, Electronics, Fabrication, Fixture Mounting, Flexible Magnets, Foam Fabrication, Graphics, Gaskets, General Mounting, HVAC, Interior Signage, Insulation, Insulation Bonding, Label Converting, Laminating, Low VOC, Marine, Mirror Mounting, Packaging, POP Assembly, Recreational/Commercial Vehicles, Screw Anchor, Seals, Sound Damping Insulation, Trailer Construction, Transportation/Aerospace, Window & Door, Abrasives & Polishing, Medical, Optical and much more.

Adhesive Series Product Description Product Form Product Number Coat Weight Liner Web Width Standard Master Length
FBR899 Tapes Most versatile rubber adhesive with exceptional tack and good peel & shear strength. An excellent choice for foam bonding applications, low surface energy substrates, textiles, textured surfaces, and corrugated materials. Double Coated
.5mil PET
IB1120-60W60 1.2/1.2 60# SCK 60" 750'
IB1122-60 2.0/2.0 60# SCK 60" 750'
IB1122-80W60 2.0/2.0 80# SCK 60" 750'
Transfer Tape IF1023-80 2.6 80# SCK 60" 540'
XT High Shear Rubber Tapes High-performance rubber adhesive with an excellent combination of peel, tack, and shear properties. Bonds well to low surface energy materials, firm foam & rubber materials, and flexible magnets. IB1178XT/W60 1.2/1.2 60# SCK 54 or 60" 750'
Double Coated
.5mil PET
IB1190XT/W60 2.0/2.0 60# SCK 54 or 60" 750'
IB1175XT/W60 2.0/2.0 80# SCK 54 or 60" 750'
IB1175XTL12 2.0/2.0 12pt 54 750'
IB1184XTW60 2.6/2.6 80# SCK 60" 750'
Transfer Tape IF1011-78 1.8 78# SCK 60" 540'
IF1013-78 2.6 78# SCK 60" 540'
FBT  Series Differential Rubber Tape Differential tape series that blends the foam bonding performance of FBR899 (unwind side) with the high-performance XT (liner side) for bonding to smooth surfaces and low surface energy materials. Double Coated
.5mil PET
FBT360W60 1.8(U)/1.2(L) 60# SCK 60" 750'
FBT380W54/W60 1.8(U)/1.2(L) 80# SCK 54 or 60" 750'
HTA410 Acrylic Tapes An aggressive acrylic adhesive with high tack and peel. An excellent choice for bonding to medium to high surface energy materials, foam bonding - including PEU foams, insulation materials, and bonding to textiles & textured surfaces. Double Coated
.5mil PET
IB4130-72 1.2/1.2 72# PCK 54" 750'
IB4131-72 1.8/1.8 72# PCK 54" 750'
IB4132-72 2.4/2.4 72# PCK 54" 750'
Transfer Tape IF4032-4060 2.0 40# 60# PCK 60" 540'
IF4032-72 2.0 72# PCK 54" 540'
IF4033-80W60 3.0 80# NTPCK 60" 540'
IF4033-72 3.0 72# PCK 54" 540'
IF4034-80W60 4.0 80# NTPCK 54" 540'
HSA440 Acrylic Tapes Versatile acrylic adhesive with an excellent balance of peel, tack, and shear. Performs well on medium to high surface energy materials, excellent temperature, and humidity resistance. Double Coated
.5mil PET
IB4140-72 1.2/1.2 72# PCK 54" 750'
IB4142-72 2.4/2.4 72# PCK 54" 750'
Transfer Tape IF4042-72 2.0 72# PCK 60" 540'
IF4042-2PET 2.0 1.2/2.0 PET 60" 540'
IF4044-72 4.0 72# PCK 60" 540'
Modified Acrylic Tapes
Aggressive acrylic adhesive designed for low surface energy and textured surfaces. Moderate Shear. DC PET IB4172-72 1.8/1.8 72# PCK 54" 750'
Transfer Tape IF4072-72 2.0 72# PCK 54" 540'
High-performance acrylic adhesive where temperature resistance is needed in combination with high tack and shear. Excellent holding power. DC Tissue Tape IB7372-74 5.0 74# PCK 54" 750'
Differential Rubber/Acrylic Tapes The product line features either XT rubber or FBR 899 on the exposed side to provide an aggressive bond to foams or rigid materials. A low tack or aggressive removable adhesive are available depending on the level of adhesion required. DC .5 mil PET IB5121-72
(XT/Low Tack)
1.2/1.0 72# PCK 54" 750'
IB5131-72 Coming Soon!
(XT/Aggressive Remo)
1.2/1.0 72# PCK 54" 750'
IB5161-72 Coming Soon!
(FBR899/Low Tack)
2.0/1.0 72# PCK 54" 750'