MacBond® Ultra 555

Extreme high strength rubber adhesive specially formulated for demanding applications that require a good bond and high strength.

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Mactac MacBond Ultra 555


  • Ultra-strength pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Foam and Film Carriers for ease of handling
  • Easy Release liner, excellent for all types of installation processes


  • Ultimate holding power for mounting fixtures, signs or panels with a large profile
  • Superior bond to Low VOC paints and low surface energy materials
  • Water-resistant
  • Foam carriers provide an excellent cushion between dissimilar surfaces
  • Replaces mechanical fasteners 

MacBond Ultra 555 Sell Sheet

Standard Master Rolls Performance Characteristics 
Part Number Liner Width Length Carrier Peel SS lbs/sq in Peel HDPE lbs/sq in 1 kg Shear Hours
IM1763-78 78# SCK 60" 216' 1/32" White PE Foam 9 7 1000+
IM1863-78 78# SCK 60" 108' 1/16" White PE Foam 8 6 1000+
IB8161-78 78# SCK 60" 750' 0.5 mil PET 13.5 8 1000+

Types of applications

Fixture & Dispenser Mounting, Acoustic Panel Mounting, Sound Damping , Mirror Mounting, Architectural Detailing, Shiplap & Decorative Paneling, Interior Signage & Display and much more.