Tampa Airport Protection Window Graphics

Challenge: Create an aesthetically pleasing, dual-purpose window graphic designed to let sunlight in, but block out views of outdoor construction and the airport’s tram railway system.

Customer: Trinity Graphic, Sarasota, Florida

Tampa International Airport, Tampa, Florida

Application: Interior window graphic

Solution: Mactac IMAGin® Verde™ Digital Print Media and SAG Anti-Graffiti and Window Protection Films

Project Summary:

The Tampa International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the U.S. And, like many large airports, it features numerous floor-to-ceiling windows – bringing Tampa’s often-sunny skies, inside. However, these clear glass windows also provide an open viewing pane of the airport’s tram railway system and, of course, any outdoor construction that may be in process. With a dual-purpose goal to create a window graphic that would let the sunlight in, but block out the tram and a new construction project, the airport turned to Trinity Graphic.

Known for its specialized management of creative custom and branded solutions, Trinity Graphic has a reputation for delivering successful, innovative graphics with great skill and expertise. For this dynamic job, they turned to trusted materials supplier, Mactac®. To achieve the combination see-through/printed look that was desired while offering necessary durability and graphic protection, Mactac recommended its IMAGin® Verde™ Digital Print Media VM3209R laminated with its top-of-the-line SAG Anti-Graffiti and Window Protection Films solution, CYSAG175.

“Before even working with the material we immediately liked this product combination because it was available in 60-inch form and the windows were 59-inches, it was the right price, and it was in stock – all things that are generally hard to get with optically clear media,” said Matt Doniger of Trinity Graphic.

Using Trinity Graphic’s VUTEk® UV printer, the graphic was printed with white ink starting at 20 percent, continuing to 100 percent. The effect created a frosted appearance on the optically clear media, providing visual openness through a unique design. And, the installation was quick and easy as the Trinity team effectively prepared the surface, followed the hinge method, sprayed the adhesive during liner removal, sprayed the window as the graphic was placed, and then applied the graphic with a squeegee from the middle-out.

"Mactac products never fail us – we will continue to use Mactac as long as Mactac continues to make awesome products,” Doniger adds.

IMAGin Verde VM3209R is a 2.0-mil hard-coated, high-gloss, ultra-clear durable polyester film with excellent resistance to graffiti, UV light and abrasion. It has an optically clear acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive that is protected by a 1.4-mil smooth PET film release liner and it’s environmentally friendly.

Mactac’s CYSAG175 SAG Anti-Graffiti and Window Protection Film is an ultra-clear, scratch-resistant and extremely durable product featuring a 6.9-mil high-gloss, hard-coated polyester laminate that is perfect for anti-graffiti and glass protection applications. It has great adhesion to challenging UV prints and also increases the impact resistance of windows.

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