Roti Restaurant Wall and Window Graphics

Challenge: Executing complex graphics installations in 24 high-traffic restaurants across three geographic regions on a one-month timeline.

Customer: Graphic Alliance; Roti Modern Mediterranean

Application: Wall, door, counter, window and backlit graphics; standing/easel displays; menu boards  

Solution: REBEL® H; IMAGin® RoughRAP®; MACmark® 8300PRO Series Matte White; MACmark® 8300PRO Series Matte Black; PERMACOLOR® RAYZor™; Sublime TuningFilm 788-01 BF Charcoal Matte; B-Free® GRUV ; MACTRANSFER ST1060 Application Tape; ROODLE®; B-Free® Window Frosted

Project Summary:

Roti Modern Mediterranean, a Chicago-based restaurant chain serving “Food That Loves You Back™,” has experienced considerable success in their mission to introduce consumers to the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean. As a result, the company now serves wholesome meals to customers across 25 locations in New York, Washington D.C., and the Chicagoland area. When Roti decided to roll out a rebrand across every one of their locations, however, their geographic reach suddenly posed a challenge.

Roti wanted to create eye-catching, durable murals that reflected their “Food that Loves You Back” brand messaging across all of their locations and across a variety of unusual surfaces—from brick to stone to slate to concrete to wood to painted soffit and more. Could cohesive-looking, long-lasting graphics be successfully installed across a wide variety of substrates in 24 stores located throughout several states? Further, could the task be accomplished within the company’s one-month rollout timeline? The job would not be easy, but Roti’s leaders knew they could turn to a partner they had worked with since their inception: Graphic Alliance.

“We have partnered with Roti since they opened their first store roughly nine years ago, and we love working with them,” explained Eric Grossman, CEO of Graphic Alliance. “The timelines are often tight, but the scale and diversity of substrates involved in this project made it unique. With so many surfaces, locations and minimal production time, we had to feel confident that the materials we used could accommodate every substrate we came across. Because we have found that Mactac offers the most versatile and durable graphic materials available, we relied on their unmatched strength and ease of use to accomplish this massive, challenging project.”

The entire Graphic Alliance team was engaged to ensure Roti’s deadlines were met, and they set to work using 10 different Mactac products, such as REBEL H, B-Free GRUV, B-Free Window Frosted, and ROODLE, to install wall murals, window graphics, countertop and backlit displays across Roti’s 24 locations. There was hardly any time to sleep, but in the end, every one of Roti’s locations was left looking fabulous. Before long, the compliments came pouring in from employees, patrons and senior executives alike.

“The project may have been uniquely challenging, but the strong results achieved were exactly what we have come to expect from working with Mactac products,” reflected Eric Grossman. “These products are a great investment for any company’s in-store branding/marketing efforts, and we have only experienced minimal waste, ease of use, strong durability and reliability when working with them. They also come with top-notch customer service: We had a Mactac rep not only on call to answer our questions any time, but who also flew out to see us and personally ensured delivery of correct part numbers and samples for our customer.”

“With the products and support we have received from Mactac, I am proud to say our team was able to complete a project which has thus far been the highlight of my 21-year career.”


Features and Benefits

How It was Utilized

by Graphic Alliance


MACtransfer ST1060 medium tack application tape consists of a translucent saturated paper stock coated on one side with a medium tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is designed to assist in the transfer and application of medium and large size pressure-sensitive decals die cut into letters, legends, striping and logos.

Roti was able to easily apply their elaborate, intricate “Food That Loves You Back” logo due to MACtransfer’s ability to adhere complex-cut corners and curves without tearing the design in the process. This feature allowed for seamless application in all stores.



RoughRAP is a 2-mil gloss white high-performance cast vinyl designed for application on brick walls and other rough textured surfaces. When used in conjunction with PERMACOLOR RAYZor 1.5-mil overlaminate, the life of the graphic can be protected inside for over eight years and helps to protect from abrasion, moisture and fading from UV light.

For more textured interior surfaces, RoughRAP provided flexibility with the perk of added durability when applying the elaborate logo design to all brick, stone and tiled walls.

While using RoughRAP expanded the opportunities to display messaging throughout the restaurant’s interior brick walls, RAYZor allowed these pristine graphics to have effortless application and enhanced protection from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant’s daily visitors.

TuningFilms Sublime BF and MACmark 8300PRO Series

TuningFilms Sublime BF changes and protects the color and finish of vehicles. This 3.9-mil polymeric calendared vinyl is equipped with B-Free air-egress permanent acrylic adhesive and a Kraft liner for stability and lay-flat.

MACmark 8300PRO Series 2.8-mil intermediate vinyl is crafted for graphics used in applications from customized environments to promotional signage with bold attention-getting colors and hassle-free printing.

When Roti wanted to take their promotion on the road, Graphic Alliance knew they needed a trusted customization vinyl adhesive to carry the vehicular logo design. Mactac’s TuningFilm Sublime BF aided in an easy bubble-free application and is trusted to be durable in the face of weather for up to 10 years. Using both white and black, MACmark’s 8300 Series vinyl was able to create a matte finish that did not take away from the boldness of the “Food That Loves You Back” design.

B-Free Window Film Frosted

B-Free Frosted is a 3.1-mil matte translucent vinyl with special finishes for etched, sandblasted, or frosted effects. The acrylic permanent adhesive features Mactac’s proprietary air-egress structure for fast, easy, no-mess dry application and a smooth print surface.

When designing Roti’s open kitchen, Graphic Alliance knew they’d need a window vinyl that could be used on curved glass. B-Free’s Frosted window adhesive created a large scale, translucent surface and allowed for backlit graphics with no mess and bubble-free application.