CleanTape LV840 Low VOC Double Coated .2/1.2 Double Coated .5PET 72#PCK

  • Coat Weight: 1.2 mil
  • Adhesive Category: LOW VOC
  • Adhesive Number: LV-840
  • Brand Name: CleanTape
  • Carrier: 0.5 mil PET
  • Certifications: JIS A-1901
  • Length: 750'
  • Stock Type: Double Coated
CleanTape products feature the lowest outgassing acrylic adhesives.  Mactac 100% Solids solvent-free acrylic technology provides the lowest outgassing tape products available.  Tested for the 13 critical substances, CleanTape adhesives meet JIS A-1901 guidelines for the 13 critical substances and are VDA 278 Compliant for Fog standards.