Mactac to Showcase Industry-Leading Adhesive Tapes at Tape and Functional Film Expo 2023

STOW, Ohio – Oct. 2, 2023 – Mactac® Engineered Tapes & Laminates announces it will have a leading presence at the 2023 Tape and Functional Film (TFF) Expo, showcasing a wide variety of bonding and laminating tapes for diverse applications.  

Mactac, a LINTEC® company, is a bronze-level expo sponsor, and its industry-leading tapes will be on display in the Mactac booth, #432.

“Mactac has been providing specially engineered, high-quality adhesive tapes for bonding, mounting and fastening applications for more than 60 years and we are excited to show expo attendees what Mactac tapes are made of,” said Janet Page, General Manager, Mactac Engineered Tapes & Laminates, and TFF advisory board member. “Our products are constructed for high-performance long-term applications, economical temporary applications, and everything in between. They are formulated in-house, and they are cleaner and greener than other pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) on the market.”

Mactac tapes feature attributes such as high strength, excellent tack and peel, superior shear performance, near-immediate adhesion, ease of product handling and die-cutting, and chemical and UV resistance. Mactac leads the industry in sustainable manufacturing practices as one of the first manufacturers to specialize in 100% solids adhesive technology.

Expo attendees will have the opportunity to see Mactac adhesives in action and test product characteristics and features through engaging hands-on demonstrations. In addition to Engineered Tapes & Laminates products, the Mactac booth will feature broader portfolio options from the company’s Roll Label and Graphics & Signage businesses, labelstocks from parent company LINTEC, and products such as metalized film offerings from sister company, VDI, LLC (Vacuum Depositing, Inc.). Interactive booth demonstrations, include:

  • A “will it stick” wall featuring Macbond® FBR899, a high coat-weight rubber adhesive. Booth visitors test the product’s initial quick tack and secure hold by tossing Halloween-themed items at the board.  
  • “Brad the medical manikin,” which showcases medical adhesives for skin contact applications. These 100% solids, solvent-free adhesives are specially designed for wound care dressings, defibrillator pads and wearable devices.
  • A 4x4-inch hoisted engine display featuring the high-sheer Macbond Ultra 555 adhesive between two steel plates. From expo start to finish, this ultimate strength adhesive and metal plates secure a hoisted engine. A LINTEC oil-tolerant label will also be showcased on the engine.
  • “Freezer fun” which shows off the versatility of the uniquely designed Macbond Arctic cold-temperature adhesive. Booth attendees can adhere Macbond Arctic to various cold and damp substrates — from chocolates to house wraps.
  • A “VDI spotlight” on roll-to-roll vacuum coating solutions. VDI is a leader in roll-to-roll deposition of evaporative, sputtered, and dielectric coatings on flexible substrates. Typical applications include anode and cathode applications, EMI shielding, touch panels and flexible circuits.  

“We welcome booth visitors to test Mactac products for themselves — throw objects at our adhesive board, see our adhesive hold up an engine, and observe how even cold conditions fail to overcome our adhesive’s strength,” Page says.

Expo attendees can also meet with Mactac application and formulation specialists to discuss tape solutions for applications in the building and construction, e-mobility and electric vehicle, automotive assembly, medical device and packaging markets. 

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To schedule a meeting with Mactac at TFF 2023, email [email protected] or call 800.328.2619. Visit for more information on high-quality adhesive solutions from Mactac Engineered Tapes & Laminates.