Mactac® Launches New REPOP Ultra-Removable Labelstocks

Mactac® has launched two new ultra-removable labelstocks for product labeling applications: LTCRE503S and LTCRE505S.

The labelstocks are the newest addition to the REPOP line and feature a proprietary pressure-sensitive adhesive that offers clean removability and repositionability from all surfaces. They are ideal for use as branding, informational and warning labels for appliances, electric devices, and industrial products.

“Mactac's REPOP ultra-removable labelstocks provide stable tack across the entire label life cycle, while also offering ongoing repositionability and clean removability,” said Kim Hensley, senior marketing manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “The ultra-removable labelstocks can be applied to high-end products with confidence.”

Mactac’s ultra-removable films are non-PVC, which helps brands meet environmental objectives without sacrificing performance. The labelstocks are available in two finishes: 2-mil white semi-gloss polyester (LTCRE503S) and 2-mil clear polyester (LTCRE505S). They are coated with a unique silicone adhesive featuring wet-out properties that allow air to escape from the label upon application—creating a smooth, bubble-free finish. Both labelstocks are protected by a 75# white polyethylene-coated kraft liner.

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