Mactac Introduces METRO Digital Dual-Purpose Vinyl

STOW, Ohio – Mactac® Distributor Products is enhancing its METRO® Digital line of pressure-sensitive sheet products with the launch of METRO Digital dual-purpose vinyl.

METRO Digital dual-purpose vinyl is engineered for use in both sheet-fed HP Indigo and toner fusion presses. Highly versatile and dual-purpose, the films eliminate the need for digital printers to carry separate inventories for HP Indigo and toner fusion print technologies.

In addition to reducing inventory, the products are also packaged and shipped more efficiently in 500-sheet cartons, which offers a more economical price point for customers and reduces environmental impact.

“With Mactac’s new METRO Digital dual-purpose products, our digital print customers gain a number of added benefits,” says Nate Gill, sheets marketing manager, Mactac Distributor Products. “Customers get high-value products at an economical price. They get more sheets per order in more consolidated packaging. And, they can appreciate that they are being more environmentally responsible.”

METRO Digital dual-purpose vinyl replaces Mactac’s previous digital vinyl products for HP Indigo or toner fusion presses, which were packaged at 100 sheets per carton.

“Replacing five cartons of 100 sheets each with one carton of 500 sheets uses 71 percent less corrugated cardboard,” Gill adds.

The new digital dual-purpose films feature matte white and matte clear constructions in 12x18” and 13x19” sheet sizes and are accompanied by an 80# white Kraft layflat liner. Matte white products are available with either a general purpose permanent or ultra-removable acrylic adhesive and matte clear products have a permanent acrylic adhesive.

Removeable products remove cleanly for up to 6 months from most flat surfaces, such as glass, painted walls, painted metal and hard plastics. All METRO Digital dual-purpose vinyl products feature a 1-year shelf life (stored at 72° Fahrenheit).

For more information on METRO Digital dual-purpose vinyl or other pressure-sensitive sheet products from Mactac Distributor Products, call 866-622-8223, email [email protected] or visit