Mactac Industrial Tapes Launches New Solvent-Free Acrylic Line for Challenging Applications

Mactac Industrial Tapes is launching a new solvent-free acrylic product line designed to offer superior adhesion to challenging low-surface energy (LSE) substrates.

The new line, LSE427 Acrylic Tapes, features Mactac’s latest high-performance, 100-percent solids acrylic adhesive innovation – LSE427.

The aggressive adhesive performs exceptionally well on LSE substrates, such as thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene and most foam materials, including open- and closed-cell foam constructions.

With varying adhesive coat weights for both smooth and rough surfaces, LSE427 Acrylic Tapes products are ideal for applications such as gaskets, insulation bonding, general mounting, automotive, foam bonding, point-of-purchase signage, nameplates and building and construction.

The product line is available as a double-coated tape, supported transfer adhesive or transfer adhesive. It has excellent chemical and UV resistance and the adhesive is protected by a two-side silicone coated, moisture-stable 72# polycoated Kraft liner. Depending on converting methods and handling preferences, the supported transfer adhesive and transfer adhesive products can be customized with one or two liners. The product line includes:

  • LSE427 Acrylic Double Coated Tape: IB4172-72 – double-coated 0.5-mil polyester carrier with 1.8-mils of high-performance PSA on each side.
  • LSE427 Acrylic Tissue Based Tape: IF4375-72 – 5.0-mil tissue reinforced high-performance acrylic PSA (double liner available).
  • LSE427 Acrylic Transfer Adhesive: IF4072-72 – 2.0-mil film of high-performance PSA (double liner available).

“At Mactac, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to keep an ongoing pulse on the industrial tape market to both meet and predict current and future customer/market needs,” said Janet Page, Senior Marketing Manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “As we continued to see an increased demand for pressure-sensitive adhesives that could successfully adhere to LSE materials, we expanded our 100-percent solids, solvent-free platform, leading to the development of LSE427.”

LSE427 Acrylic Tapes are available in 54-inch rolls and feature a 2-year shelf life.

For more information about Mactac’s new LSE427 Acrylic Tapes, LSE427 100-percent solids acrylic adhesive, or any of the high-quality materials available from Mactac Industrial Tapes, call 800.328.2619, email [email protected] or visit