Mactac Announces Expansion of Roll Label Products with LINTEC Product Portfolio

Mactac is proud to announce the expansion of its roll label product offering with the addition of LINTEC Corporation’s roll label product portfolio.

LINTEC, a comprehensive manufacturer of adhesive-related products and specialty papers, purchased pressure-sensitive adhesives manufacturer, Mactac, in 2016 to expand and strengthen its label business in North America. In order to better service customers, the two organizations are consolidating roll label sales activity and have started transitioning the first phase of the consolidation.

“We are extremely pleased with and confident in the transition of our product portfolio to Mactac,” said Kazuyoshi Node of LINTEC USA. “Partnering with Mactac’s stellar sales team will truly help us better serve our customers.”

The addition of the LINTEC products expands Mactac’s high performance film and adhesive product offering. LINTEC products now being sold by Mactac, include:

  • Cryogenic labelstocks for label applications requiring temperatures as low as -320 degrees Fahrenheit (-196 degrees Celsius).
  • Security labelstocks for industrial and automotive tamper-evident solutions.
  • Industrial labelstocks for extreme chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • High adhesion labelstocks, such as those that deliver strong adhesion to oil contaminated surfaces.
  • Bubble-free labelstocks offering bubble-free application and resistance to outgassing.

The products are designed for durable goods and industrial labeling applications, including power tools, appliances, electronics, compliance labels, and warning and instructional labels, as well as identification of test tubes and promotional labeling.

They are typically used to identify products, track or relay information, or instruct or warn consumers about a product’s proper usage.

“LINTEC is a phenomenal organization and a true leader in adhesive product development,” said Kim Hensley, marketing manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “Above all else, LINTEC is known for producing high-quality products and Mactac is incredibly honored to have the opportunity to broaden our product portfolio with solutions from the best of the best.”

For more information on Mactac’s new LINTEC product portfolio or other high-quality products available from Mactac Performance Adhesives Group, call 800-255-9733, email [email protected] or visit