Mactac Industrial Tapes Adds New High-Performance Acrylic Adhesive Tape to MACbond Line

Mactac® Industrial Tapes announces the addition of a new, high-performance acrylic adhesive tape, HBA724 Tissue Supported Acrylic Adhesive, to its MACbond® product line.

Featuring a high-performance, acrylic adhesive, MACbond HBA724 (IB7372-74) is designed for a wide range of industrial mounting, bonding and assembly applications, including:

  • Interior automotive applications such as interior trim, gasketing, and seating
  • Felt and fabric bonding
  • Fabrication and assembly
  • Insulation and sound damping
  • Heavy machinery and RV interior applications
  • General-purpose bonding and mounting applications
  • Low surface energy materials

“IB7372-74 was developed to meet customer requests for an acrylic tape that offers high initial tack while delivering excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces—even low surface energy materials and plastics,” said Janet Page, senior marketing manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “The product features a tissue carrier that offers excellent conformability–making it a versatile tape to have on hand for industrial mounting, bonding, and assembly applications.”

IB7372-74 features an 8-ounce tissue carrier coated on both sides with high-performance, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. The adhesive is protected by a two-side, silicone-coated 74# white polycoated kraft liner that offers moisture resistance and easy handling. This construction meets many automotive industry requirements, including Japanese Industrial Standards for critical substances and the Society of Automotive Engineers J1756 test methods for low VOC and fog.

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